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SciMath Career #6: Logging Scientist

For all the kids in Phoenix and at the Wrigley Institute:  Stefan Mrozewski is one of our three Canadians on board but more importantly, he is our Logging Scientist.

Science Careers are Cool

I have just finished my first week at the School of Rock on board the research vessel JOIDES Resolution.  My fellow "Rockers" and I have just four more days on the ship before we are back in port in Victoria, British Columbia.  Then we head our separate ways to share our experiences with those back home.  The educators participa

Easter Rocks! Kevin Talks! Meet your Operations Superintendent

Happy Easter on the JOIDES Resolution! One of our co-chief scientists, Cathy Busby, had little treats for us today, Peeps and chocolate eggs! We had some spectacular core come up with excellent blue/green colors. Due to Internet limitations, I’m only able to upload one photo, but please do visit our facebook page to see images of the spectacular core!<


Natsue, you are a geoscientist, specialized in physical properties and you sail a lot on board the JR and the Chikyu ...


Can you explain your curriculum in science ?

Earth and Planetary Sciences

Chang Liu - Scientist Interview Series

Check out this great interview with Chang Liu graduate students sailing on the JOIDES Resolution for the first time -<

Chang - describing smear slide samples in the Sedimentology lab. - photo by Tim Fulton