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How many people does it take to screw in an ACORK?

Over the last few days, the tool pushers, drill operators, engineers and scientists have worked around the clock to drill a hole 1,327 meters below the ocean's surface to install the ACORK, a casing that will serve as a tube to monitor pressure of the earth below the earth's surface.

Mini Cups, Massive Fun

Styrofoam cup + sharpie markers + a lot of people who have been on the same ship for 17 days = good fun!  Bags and bags of decorated cups were lovingly packed into old onion bags and strapped to all the structures headed for the deep.  When they come back to the surface, the cups are tiny, shrunken art pieces.  People sorted through the pile of feather-light souveniers to find th

The Weight of Water

Water is heavy! When we’re standing at sea level, the atmosphere is pushing down on us, but we don’t feel it because our bodies are pushing back out equally. But if you’ve ever jumped into a pool and swum down to the bottom, you can feel that the water pushes on you more that the air did. That’s called pressure, and it gets higher and stronger the deeper you go.

Honey I Shrunk the Cups!

The Mystery of the Shrinking (Styrofoam) Head

You first read about the Styrofoam head in this< blog post.