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Out to Sea


Ahoy there! My name is Jay R Microbe, (J.R. Microbe for short) and I invite you to join me and my friend, Joe Monaco, Education Officer as we sail aboard the JOIDES Resolution.

Food for the Microbes


Today's sunrise was magnificent! Each day seems to be offering bluer and bluer skies. The scientists are busier than ever as we are approaching our first sampling site.

Octopus Hugs Ancient Data Logger from the Deep

The data logger pictured above just came up from, oh, right about 2600 meters deep in the ocean.  It was placed down there in 2007 and has been working away in the dark since then.  Sure, there were interruptions and set-backs during those cold, dark years under the sea, but this baby put in some serious work time.  It's amazing that this is basically a computer that has bee

The Chicxulub Impact Crater Expedition's 5-Year Plan