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Great showers and Risky Business

From the editor --  aka Leslie:  Our cabins on The JR are quiet and comfortable; kind stewards make our beds, change our sheets, leave fresh towels, and do our laundry. The salad bar is great and you can eat breakfast, lunch or dinner four times every day.  The mattresses are fresh and new and the view is spectacular.

Running to the seafloor

... I'm running almost as fast as the corer does on its trip down and back up the drill string.

settling in

The stateroom or cabin is approximately 10'x 10'. There are 2 lockers about 18" wide to hold our clothes, shoes and miscelaneous "stuff". At the top of the locker is located our life vest, hard hat, and safety suit. There is a sink with a mirror. One desk that is approximately 40" long with 3 drawers and a couple of shelves above and a chair.

What Everyone Really Wants to Know

What are the cabins and bathrooms like on the JR? The cabins are nice and cozy. Each has a set of bunk beds with mattresses, sheets, pillows, comforters, lights for reading and curtains (to block out the cabin lights). They are really quite comfy. We also have a desk and chair, three drawers under the beds for clothes and suppies, and two lockers.