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Learn About Seafloor Spreading with Real Ocean Drilling Data

In the last “Educator Ideas” blog<, I shared an activity that showed students what it looks like when an ocean plate moves over a hotspot. Deep Earth Academy has an activity for 5th-8th graders that shows how ocean plates move through seafloor spreading that can be used in conjunction with the first one.

Journey Not Quite to the Center of the Earth Strikes Back

For the Unobtainium Falcon to travel inside the earth, it has to have a lot more features than your parents’ minivan. First it needs to be able to travel through the ocean, then it needs to drill through solid rock and then it needs to be able to move through incredibly hot magma that can be thicker than honey.

How To Measure Seafloor Spreading Rates in the Classroom

In this blog, learn about an activity that allows high school age students to use real data from previous JOIDES Resolution research expeditions to compare the spreading rates in different areas of the seafloor and find out how fast is “superfast.”

Seafloors Surfing the Asthenosphere (or, What is Seafloor Spreading, Anyways?)

The seafloor is spreading! The seafloor is spreading! To find out what this means, read on.

If the Seafloor is Spreading, Then Why Doesn’t it Take Over the World?

In all the movies titled The Blob<, the Blob continues to grow and spread, covering more and more area, like it might to cover the entire world, which sounds kind of like seafloor spreading.

How Fast is Superfast?

The seafloor we are drilling right now formed at a superfast rate, even though it would seem superslow to us. To find out how something that seems to be superslow can be superfast, read on.

Three Seafloor Spreading Activities for the Price of One

It can be a challenge for students to visualize how seafloors spread without actually expanding in area.