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Why Starting a Relationship with a Hotspot is Going to be Complicated

Hotspots are like the strong, silent type. On the surface it is obvious they are very powerful, but it is difficult to find out what is going on with them underneath the surface, because there is no way to force your way down there.

Science Detectives

One question that students are probably asking as they learn a little about our current expedition is: What exactly are those 30 scientists doing on that boat in the middle of the ocean?

Drilling Seamount Cake

In our video “Coring Sea Floor Cake<,” we use the example of putting a tube into a layered cake to discover its contents, to help explain why the JR is currently drilling on the Louisville Seamount Trail.

Why Scientists Rule!!!!

Since I was the first blobfish in history to be able to tag along on a scientific research expedition (and also probably the last one, since I don’t know of any other blobfish who have the mutant ability to breathe in the atmosphere), I had been hoping to take advantage of my time on the JOIDES Resolution to introduce you to all 30 scientists on this expedition, but surprisingly,