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Inductively Coupled What?!?

Here you'll learn what the heck the subject of that picture is, and why it's important to IODP Expedition 330.  Isn't it pretty?

Core transfusion?!

I know that's what it seems like... but the inorganic geochemist David Hodell is just collecting samples from the cores collected at the Site U1385 (SHACK-04). Do you have any idea of what kind of samples he is collecting using these Rhizon samplers?

Enter here and abandon all hope!

The sign above the entrance to the chemistry lab says it all – Enter here and abandon all hope. Next to the door there is another sign listing the chemical hazards within the lab. Sounds pretty scary or inviting depending on your risk analysis! Would you like to join me as I enter this realm of potential danger?

Scientist Spotlight: Erin McClymont (Geochemist)

Name: Erin McClymont

Institution: Durham University, U.K.

1. What have you studied/will you study on board the JR?
I will be looking at the gases present in the sediments, and looking to see how much organic carbon, nitrogen and carbonate are present.

2. What is your favorite thing about research at sea?
Being on the ocean.

3. Did you always want to be a scientist?

Outline of A Scientist’s (me...) Day on Shift

• Up at 9 PM (!!), in a pitch-black room (no windows in the JR cabins, so a headlamp for camping or caving is very useful in the morning….)

New Video: The Geochemistry Dream Team!

In my latest Youtube Video<, meet the amazing Geochemistry Team of Expedition 366! They are helping to uncover the mysteries of serpentine mud volcanoes by studying the interactions between fluids and rocks from deep within the earth--and how this may have sparked the origins of life.