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Let's take a look through the moon pool.

Did you realise that we have a big hole in the bottom of our boat? Its hard to imagine that a boat can float with a hole in its bottom, but there has to be somewhere for the drill string to pass from the derrick to the sea floor. This big hole is called the moon pool and on rare occasions like the other day, we get to see the moon pool completely open.

A full moon on the JR

This afternoon around lunch time we arrived at the last drilling site of Expedition 339 (Site U1391), located on the Portuguese SW Margin.

Day 4 @ Sea: My favorite memory for today

Today I visited the moon pool. This is one of the coolest places on the Jr. It is located on the drill floor a deck below where my office is located on the Foc’sle Deck (Forecastle). A hard hat and safety glasses are required, ear plugs are suggested too. What is the moon pool?

Camera - DOWN! Core- UP!

“WOAH!” Is all I have to say! (Please do say it like Joey Lawrence does in Blossom… and if that isn’t ringing a bell, give it a quick youtube to enhance this experience)

Mechanical Mystery Tour

The JR has pulled into site U1462, and while we wait for the first cores to come up, the scientists get a tour of the parts of the ships we normally don't get to see. For most of the expedition, we live and work near the bow (front) of the ship, in the laboratories, accommodation, mess hall, and rec areas. So let's explore the noisy world of heavy marine industry!

Honey I Shrunk the Cups!