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Why Physical Properties Rule!!

All the scientists on the JR are here to describe the rocks and sediments we are drilling. While most of the geologists are describing the cores by using their eyeballs and their brains (and maybe a hand lens and a microscope), Physical Properties Specialist Patrick Fulton is able to describe them by using instruments with cool names like Pycnometer and Whole-Round Multisensor Logger.

Why Logging Rules!!

Louise and Sebastian (and Kerry!) are loggers, but not the kind that carry chainsaws and eat lots of pancakes. They are logging scientists. They have an important job on the JOIDES Resolution. They send scientific instruments down the holes the JR drilled in the seamounts and the instruments then fill in the holes in the scientists’ data.

College Station... we have a problem!

Natural gamma-ray (NGR) spectrometry allows estimation of the elemental concentrations of K, U, and Th, which can be used to help interpret sediment composition, provenance, and diagenesis.

Ready to go... downhole!!!

Yesterday a few hours after the conclusion of coring operations on Hole U1386 (GC-01A) the logging team< carried out the downhole measurements.

La cuisine des sédiments

Petit tour d'horizon des différents labos à bord.
Lorsque les carottes arrivent sur le pont (toutes les 20 mn à 60 mn selon la profondeur d'eau et la profondeur du puits), elles sont découpées en sections d'1,5 m puis elles subissent toute une série de mesures.

Meet your EXP 350 Physical Properties group!

From left to right: Sue Mahony (from the UK), Michelangelo Martini (from Italy, living in Mexico), Tomoki Sato (from Japan), and Jihui Jia (from China, living in Japan).

Let's Get Physical Properties

It takes an incredible amount of money and effort to retrieve a sediment core from below the sea. So we make sure we squeeze them for every last drop of scientific data, (sometimes literally) with an absolute GAUNTLET of tests. 

Exp359.25thOct. Downhole measurements! A small lab in a hole !!!

Drilling operations on the site 1466B ceased around 9am today and logging will start in the evening.

Downhole measurements will complete core sample analyses . 

They will provide continuous records of physical and chemical properties of the sediments or of the rocks in situ:

porosity, permeability, density, natural radioactivity, electrical resistivity…