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Ladders (or stairs to us landlubbers)

On the first day at the ship, we stayed in port at the pier. I took some pictures of the JR while on the pier of angles that I knew I wouldn’t see while sailing. This spiral staircase leads up to an area where the drilling operations take place. 

Splitting Core...and Peering Back in Time


Once core has come into the labs, adjusted to room temperature and pressure (this can take a few hours), and passed through a series of tracks that measure the physical properties of the whole core, it's time for the cores to be split in half.  The Bengal Fan scientists are eagerly waiting to get their hands on the core and see what's inside. 

Understanding the Moon Pool (or, How Does the JR Keep From Sinking?)

There is a hole in the bottom of the JOIDES Resolution. And not a small one - it’s 22 feet wide. The hole is in the centre of the ship, directly below the derrick. It’s called a “moon pool” and is an essential part of our drilling operations. The drill pipe hangs from the top of the derrick, passes through this hole, into the ocean and all the way down to the seafloor.