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A Day in the Life of a JR Sedimentologist

I’ve never seriously studied sediments before. I’m used to working with “hard rock” – specifically basalt, which is rock that once flowed out of a volcano as molten lava. Sediments on the other hand can be made up of pieces of many different types of rock, or even other materials like shells or parts of tiny organisms. So I was excited to try my hand as a sedimentologist for the day.

Super Steve: Interview with JR Operations Superintendent Steve Midgley

Steve Midgley completed his bachelor's degree in Marine Engineering at the United States Merchant Marine Academy. Steve began his career in the oil industry, where he worked for 23 years. Steve has been the Operations Superintendent on the JOIDES Resolution since 2004 (before that he sailed as Staff Engineer and Rig Manager) and sails 2-3 times per year.

In this interview, I ask him about his role on the JR, drilling for oil, operating during stormy seas, and his most difficult expedition.

Inspiring Designs: Expedition 354 Logo Contest


It’s a tradition on the JOIDES Resolution to hold a contest to design the expedition logo, which will be printed on t-shirts and featured on a wall onboard. The Bengal Fan expedition received six entries from the Science Party and Education Officers. The designs were displayed in the galley for two days so that everyone could vote for their favorite. The winner was this beautiful design submitted by Kimberly Rogers. Here, each participant describes in their own words the different elements of their logo and the inspiration for their design.