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Out To Sea To See the Subseafloor

What is this and what does it do?







Back in Astoria, preparing for AT18-07

It is great to be going to sea again, especially for just a few weeks! Expedition 327 was fantastic, but spending two months at sea was difficult. I'm glad to be back to short expeditions again, and working with the amazing crew and technical folks on the R/V Atlantis. I arrived in Astoria, OR this afternoon.

The JASON is real


Here is the JASON being prepared for the next trip to the bottom of the ocean!

JASON Sans Les Argonauts


 Indeed, JASON is awesome. I'm a bit worried about encountering sea monsters without any Argos warriors, but I feel confident for the launch tomorrow.

Student scientist Amalia determines buoyancy


Imagine if this was you, out on a ship doing oceanographic research for the summer!

Jason's Tasks


Just as King Aeetes tasked the Jason of old to perform various quests to secure the Golden Fleece, our modern day JASON team was tasked with numerous quests yesterday eve to obtain the Golden Cup of Knowledge. Okay, that was a little flowery and silly. More simplistically, imagine your favorite sport.

Enter the Kraken


 Jason encounters many strange creatures on his quests. As an example, from the distance, lit only by Jason while 2.7 km under the ocean, this creature looks like a rock. Well, it isn't a rock! Up close, one finds it's an octopus. A very nice octopus, in fact, at least to the world's most powerful deep sea robotic submarine!

Inside “Mission Control”


Here I am in what I imagine it would be like in the Mission Control Room for the Mars Rover, except it is very dark and a bit on the chilly side. I will never forget this.

Beasts and Chimeras


Our Jason of myth encountered Harpies, Dragons and even Fire-breathing Bulls. Similarly, in myth, Chimeras,  ("half one beast, half another") were commonly found. In our modern world of a Robotic Jason, things are different, yet much stays the same. Are there modern Chimeras? Yes! A Chimera CAN be a cousin of a shark (that's its real name).

Scientist Alberto Shares with Teachers


One wonderful gift for the teachers on board is the opportunity to talk with scientists about science and how it is done.