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Reuven's blog!

This morning I woke up at 4 a.m. eastern time to start my journey out to the west coast to board the R/V Atlantis, the research vessel we will be sailing on for the next 3 weeks. Usually, in our family, my oldest son Reuven (9 years old) is the first one up and out of bed. But today, I was out the door before he woke up!

Celebrity sighting! JASON!

I got to meet JASON today, and while I don't look my best (a red-eye flight will do that to you!), I'm thrilled to have finally come face to face with the legendary ROV.  I'm posting a couple of pictures.  He's being modified, poked, primed, prodded, and groomed for our upcoming voyage.  It's amazing all the parts and facets to JASON! 

JASON Sans Les Argonauts


 Indeed, JASON is awesome. I'm a bit worried about encountering sea monsters without any Argos warriors, but I feel confident for the launch tomorrow.

Jason, meet Medea


 Meet Jason's wife, Medea. Medea checks up on Jason and makes sure he can do his job. More technically, Jason is tied to the Atlantis by a long tether. So, all things being equal, as the ship moves and rolls, so should Jason pendulum style. This is bad! Medea is suspended above Jason and isolates this motion, preventing Jason from moving around too much.

Jason's Tasks


Just as King Aeetes tasked the Jason of old to perform various quests to secure the Golden Fleece, our modern day JASON team was tasked with numerous quests yesterday eve to obtain the Golden Cup of Knowledge. Okay, that was a little flowery and silly. More simplistically, imagine your favorite sport.

Enter the Kraken


 Jason encounters many strange creatures on his quests. As an example, from the distance, lit only by Jason while 2.7 km under the ocean, this creature looks like a rock. Well, it isn't a rock! Up close, one finds it's an octopus. A very nice octopus, in fact, at least to the world's most powerful deep sea robotic submarine!

What's a geomicrobe sled?

It's not a sled that you might want with you on a snowy hillside. This is a piece of equipment almost like a small wire bookcase with sample collection equipment on its shelves. It has been sitting down at the bottom of the ocean at one of our study sites for a whole year. Yesterday, Jason helped to release it and sent it up to the ocean surface.

Another way to get information from the bottom of the sea... but watch out for dust bunnies..

This morning Jason arrived at one of the older CORK observatories and its age really showed. You would not think there would be such an accumulation of debris ( some of it alive, no doubt) on something at the bottom of the Pacific. Fotunately Jason pilots are handy with a toilet brush ( no kidding!) and first cleaned off the important parts that allowed us to connect to download pressure data.

Beasts and Chimeras


Our Jason of myth encountered Harpies, Dragons and even Fire-breathing Bulls. Similarly, in myth, Chimeras,  ("half one beast, half another") were commonly found. In our modern world of a Robotic Jason, things are different, yet much stays the same. Are there modern Chimeras? Yes! A Chimera CAN be a cousin of a shark (that's its real name).

Double-header video broadcast day!

Today was a great day for video broadcasting live from the Atlantis! We did our first program this morning to the North Museum in Lancaster, PA. This program was hosted by Jim Ringlein, who is a curator there. We had three special guest stars: Katrina and Gus - a scientist and graduate student from the University of Southern California - and Amy, the third mate on Atlantis.