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What's a geomicrobe sled?

It's not a sled that you might want with you on a snowy hillside. This is a piece of equipment almost like a small wire bookcase with sample collection equipment on its shelves. It has been sitting down at the bottom of the ocean at one of our study sites for a whole year. Yesterday, Jason helped to release it and sent it up to the ocean surface.

Double-header video broadcast day!

Today was a great day for video broadcasting live from the Atlantis! We did our first program this morning to the North Museum in Lancaster, PA. This program was hosted by Jim Ringlein, who is a curator there. We had three special guest stars: Katrina and Gus - a scientist and graduate student from the University of Southern California - and Amy, the third mate on Atlantis.

We struggled mightily. . .and we won!

Today there was much cause for rejoicing on the Atlantis! As you may have read here earlier in our expedition, we fought with the stuck data logger on the head of the observatory (CORK) at Site 1027. We tried numerous strategies to pull that thing out, a task that also went unfinished last summer using the JR.

Good-bye JASON, Hello Jason

So as this expedition ends, I am reflecting on three weeks with the JASON ROV. It is a truly amazing piece of technology. It becomes our eyes and muscles on the seafloor as we humans attempt to work in an incredibly harsh and difficult environment.