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What the heck IS this?

A few days ago, we were all waiting for the next "elevator" to come back up to the ship (an elevator is a structure, about the size of an elevator, that scientists load equipment and materials on -- they then lower it overboard, weighted down so it will sink to the sea floor -- the JASON can move the elevator around on the ocean bottom as needed -- they can load equipment back on

Octopus Hugs Ancient Data Logger from the Deep

The data logger pictured above just came up from, oh, right about 2600 meters deep in the ocean.  It was placed down there in 2007 and has been working away in the dark since then.  Sure, there were interruptions and set-backs during those cold, dark years under the sea, but this baby put in some serious work time.  It's amazing that this is basically a computer that has bee

A Bird! A Salp! An Elevator?

ahhhhhhhhhhh, the beautiful ocean!  This morning I was standing on the bow with my camera (always), a cup of coffee and an EXCELLENT raspberry muffin, watching for sea birds, or fish, or really anything moving around.  The whispering, rolling ocean mirrored the soft grey clouds overhead.  Halfway through the muffin, I noticed something hovering over the looked like a