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You've got to fix it

I am not a very handy or mechanical person. When my car breaks, I take it to the mechanic, leave it there for a day, and pick it up in the afternoon all fixed. When my dishwasher broke, I bought a new one. When you’re onboard a ship in the middle of the ocean and something breaks, you’re only option is to fix it yourself.

Mechanical Mystery Tour

The JR has pulled into site U1462, and while we wait for the first cores to come up, the scientists get a tour of the parts of the ships we normally don't get to see. For most of the expedition, we live and work near the bow (front) of the ship, in the laboratories, accommodation, mess hall, and rec areas. So let's explore the noisy world of heavy marine industry!

We're Underway! 2 m Heave, Flying Fish, and a Conference of Anguish

At 5 AM local time the JR un-moored from our harbor in Guam, the tug pulled it away from the dock, and we set out for our first site, ODP Leg 195 Site 1200, to un-CORK that instrumented hole and prepare it for newer/better instrumentation.  

Retracing Our Steps on a Vagabond Engineering Tour

We are currently sailing north toward Asut Tesoru Seamount, after having spent a day pounding a stuck bridge plug down the 200+ meter cased hole at Yinazao Seamount.  This after several days reaming and casing a hole at Fantangisna Seamount - which we're going to visit again, to check on how cement in that hole is holding up, after we sort out what's happening at the bottom of  t

No anchors, a needle on a string, we need thrusters!

If you want to approximate the difficulty of drill hole re-entry with the drill string you could try the following set up. Warning: You may have fun doing this and understand that this is only a model - A simplified version of the real challenge out at sea.