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A Thanksgiving Barbecue!

 Apparently it’s not a well-known fact that Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving in October. When we had a fabulous turkey dinner with all the trimmings this last week, I realized that the camp boss probably had no idea either, since he probably wouldn’t make two of those in one week! So I sheepishly approached him and asked if he knew about the oddly-placed Canadian holiday; he confirmed that he was “verra soarry,” he hadn’t planned on it. So instead of turkey and stuffing, gravy, sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce, we had our first BBQ on the bow!

A Very MacGyver Halloween

MacGyver was a resourceful secret agent on TV in the 1980s who was famous for being able to solve any problem he encountered with everyday materials he found lying around. We’re not secret agents out here, but that’s a pretty good description of everyone putting together some pretty amazing Halloween costumes with office supplies, a little bit of felt, and a lot of imagination!

Trick or Treat! Creative Costumes on the JR

As adults, we don’t often get the chance or have the motivation to go all-out for Halloween. I find that I generally put all of my creativity into my son’s costume, then fall back on my old stand-by witch costume for myself when we go trick-or-treating. When you’re at home, the hustle and bustle of your workaday life also gets in the way, so there’s just no inclination or opportunity to get all dressed up. Out here, though, Halloween gave us something out of the ordinary to look forward to and plan for, and we all enjoyed the promise of a day different from the rest. Everyone put a lot of thought and effort into coming up with costumes that were funny, scary, traditional, or just plain imaginative. It’s amazing what we were able to do with some felt, staples, glue, paint, and whatever else we could find onboard!

Halloween + Core = Fun!

I tell students in our videoconferences that the reason we work 24/7 onboard the JR is that “Science Never Sleeps!” Well, it turns out that science doesn’t really care for Halloween, either.

We have been coring non-stop for the last 8 days, including Monday, which was Halloween. Just as we were all getting ready for the big Halloween party, we heard the call, “Core on Deck…Core on Deck!” So techs and scientists headed out to the catwalk to process the new core…some of them already in costume. Take a look:

Unwind-time at sea....