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We arrived at Site U1385 (SHACK-04)

We arrived at Site U1385 located in the Portuguese Margin (Lat. 37° 34.3’N, Lon. 10° 59.6’W) at 04:00AM and the set of 12 hydraulic thrusters was drop down into the water to stabilize the ship.

"There Will Be Mud" on the Core Deck

What could be the title of a forthcoming movie premiering in theatres, become reality and since the first core arrived at the rig floor yesterday around 11h00 PM.

The sea floor is on the TV!

Voilà une photo qui date de vendredi dernier, à notre arrivée sur le premier site de forage, au large de la marge portugaise. Qu'est-ce que cela peut bien être? Et pourtant quasiment tout le monde à bord était rivé sur ces écrans...

Core transfusion?!

I know that's what it seems like... but the inorganic geochemist David Hodell is just collecting samples from the cores collected at the Site U1385 (SHACK-04). Do you have any idea of what kind of samples he is collecting using these Rhizon samplers?