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Ocean Detectives Aboard 340 Mission

This logo on the port and starboard side of the JOIDES Resolution says it all; we are beginning our journey as ocean detectives hoping to uncover the earth’s mysteries preserved in the ocean’s floor.

Safety First even for USF mascot Rocky the Bull

First task after we had sailed a few hours was to have our first all hands Safety Drill. When the very loud bell rang, we all grabbed our life vests, eye goggles and hard hats. Sort of like ‘March of the Penguins’ we all climbed the stairs to the life boats to await our instructions.

Top départ ...!

Samedi 3 mars  2012: l’équipe scientifique monte à bord et découvre le Joides Resolution. Les deux premiers jours sont consacrés à des réunions de travail.


Le joides en quelques photos...

Meet the chief Ocean Detectives

Meet the chief scientists for our Expedition, Dr.'s Anne Le Friant (follow her blog) and Osamu Ishizuka. They have collectively written the script for this exploration developed through the scientific review process.

March 6, traveled 190 nautical miles today

Meet the JOIDES Resolution

Day 4 @ Sea: My favorite memory for today

Today I visited the moon pool. This is one of the coolest places on the Jr. It is located on the drill floor a deck below where my office is located on the Foc’sle Deck (Forecastle). A hard hat and safety glasses are required, ear plugs are suggested too. What is the moon pool?

JR Drilling Team: Where it all begins!

Drilling for an ocean core requires the deployment of drilling equipment and eventual retrieval back to the drill floor located on the stern of the vessel. The entire process is a wonder to watch, precision with massive, wielding clanking pipes of steel.

Why Montserrat?

We are sailing in the Lesser Antilles or West Indies of the Caribbean Sea. Scientists aboard the JR such as volcanologist, sedimentologist, inorganic geochemist, and micropaleontologist are at this location in the ocean because of the volcano on Montserrat, called the Soufriere Hills volcano. This is one of the best studied volcanoes on the planet.

A note from Co-Chief Ishizuka

The following is a brief summary of the drilling progress during week one of expedition 340.