Art in the rock ... What do you see in these thin sections ? EPISODE 3

Answer to the second episode ... A runaway couple !

It can be a good way to present geology to kids and teenagers by the artistic side ! they are often very attracted by beauty as everyone ... and it is a way to catch their attention and to begin with rock.

Big News for Educators!

CORE DESCRIBERS : 3 teams, 3 specialities, 1 goal ! EPISODE 4 Metamorphic geologists

This team is composed of Riccardo Tribuzio, Italy, Juergen Koepke, Germany, Toshi Nosaka, Japan, James Leong, Philippines, Qiang Ma, China.


Atlantis Bank: A Mountain Under the Sea


For over a month now, the JOIDES resolution has maintained its position in the southwest Indian Ocean, 700 meters above Atlantis Bank. This undersea mountain was named in 1986 by one of our co-chief scientists Henry Dick, “we found a block that had been lifted up to sea level, it was an island at one point” says Dick, “so we named it Atlantis Bank after of course the lost city of Atlantis”.

CORE DESCRIBERS : 3 teams, 3 specialities, 1 goal ! episode 3 Structural Geol. con't

I will give you more details and show you some pictures to precise again the work of this team ...

Man Overboard Drill

Safety is always first aboard the JOIDES Resolution and one way that the crew ensures everyone is safe is by preforming drills. We have fire drills, abandon ship drills, and yesterday we had a man overboard drill. 

We found the cone!

In our last blog post you read about our recent cone troubles.


No, not that kind of cone.

Art in the rock ... What do you see in these thin sections ? EPISODE 2

Answer episode 1 : A horse giving birth ... by Jiansong Zhang our poetry-geologist !

Can you guess this one ?

a runaway couple

Courtesy of Bill Crawford, IODP Imaging specialist

The Biggest Core

Yesterday, by complete accident, we recovered the largest diameter core in ocean drilling history! Here’s how it happened…

The Magnetism of Rocks

We've all played with magnets before, but no one knows magnetism like the Paleomag team aboard the JOIDES Resolution. Shipboard paleomagnetists provide paleomagnetic and rock-magnetic measurements of recovered rocks.
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