There is a hole in this boat! But we are not sinking?

We all sort of knew that this moon pool existed but there was something very unnerving about watching doors open up in the middle of the boat and looking at the dark ocean waters below. Why were we not sinking? 

The Moon Pool - Mon, May 1

This is a pic of the Moon Pool, a mechanical wonder. So cool to have seen this today for the very first time! We are busy revising reports, so more on this in the next post.

Downhole Temperature – Sun, Apr 30

We measure temperature with the Advanced Piston Corer Temperature-3 (APCT-3). The APCT-3 is used in soft sediments similar to most of the core material we have encountered so far. The instrument obtains formation temperatures. These temperature measurements are used to determine the temperature gradient (how much the temperature changes with depth beneath the seafloor).

Water Everywhere - Fri, Apr 28

There is water everywhere, but you don’t really notice how close it is. The JR is so big that even the lowest deck seems high above the sea surface.The JR has seven decks, numbered 1 to 7 from the top down. My cabin is on Deck 5 - Fo'c'sle, which also contains the chemistry, microbiology, paleontology, and X-ray laboratories.

Logging Tools 101 – Wed, Apr 26

When a hole is drilled in the ground, lot of things happen. It will collapse and deform in various ways, e.g., swell, washout, you name it. If the hole is in good shape we can “run” logging tools in the hole to measure and confirm the lab measurements we are getting on the cores. Data from the tools are very useful because they are in situ measurements and usually quite reliable.

Stop and think - Tue, Apr 25

During my PhD I was busy with lots of things, collecting data, processing data, analyzing results, and so on. Late one evening on my way home, I am about to leave the building and ran into Peter Goldreich, a professor in Planetary Science. I started explaining all of the things I am busy doing and he advised me to stop and think a little, that it was more important than doing a lot.

Student questions! Thanks Mr. Sanderfoot's classes!

This week I had the pleasure of meeting with two of Mr. Sanderfoot's classes from Berlin High School in Berlin Wisconsin. They had a chance to meet with scientists in the labs and have a virtual tour of the JOIDES Resolution at o-dark thirty here in the South China Sea! 

Evidence is your anchor out at sea!

The potential for new discoveries on JOIDES Resolution is great. Like space, the ocean floor and below are a relatively new frontier.

Deniz Cukur - Petrophysics Specialist - Scientist Interview Series

Today I had the chance to sit down with Deniz Cukur who is sailing as a Petrophysics Specialist with the JOIDES Resolution. Here is my interview with him about his career and experience as a Petrophysicists!

Amanda: How many times have you sailed on a research vessel?

Beautiful People – Mon, Apr 24

I have been super fortunate to meet some amazing girls (56 to be exact and their teachers) from the STEM Magnet Academy of Pointe Coupee just outside Baton Rouge, LA. This post is dedicated to them. The girls visited LSU just last month to watch the movie Hidden Figures.
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