Core on Deck!

Just prior to 0400 a simple announcement rang out over a silent ship, "core is on deck". That marked the start of sample recovery from hole U1473 on Atlantis Bank. The handful of scientists who were awake at the time ran up to the catwalk leading to the drilling derrick to watch the arrival.

Thin-Sections Part 2: Pretty Colors!


Thin-Sections Part 1: What in the world are they?

If you take the stairs up to the core lab and keep taking a left through the lab, you will come across a row of microscopes displaying some beautiful images.  


New Podcast Episode: The JR Meets the Press


The media is very excited about expedition 360 but this has brought to light some public concerns. Co-chief scientist Chris Macleod adresses the online comments on the latest episode of A Hole at the Bottom of the Sea. Plus, we talk to second mate John Powell as the JR navigates a storm and Dr. Gene Molina about the challenges of being a doctor in the middle of nowhere.

Safety First!

Safety is a priority aboard the JOIDES Resolution. We practice weekly drills and this week we had a fire drill, just like the ones you remember from school. The JOIDES crew simulated a fire in the galley and we all had to report to our muster stations. 

Christmas Party and cores description trainings !

Les petrologues s'entrainent a la description de carottes sur le puits 1105 du LEG 179 ... et les decorations de Noel envahissent le labo !

Petrologists are practicing describing cores from hole 1105 LEG 179 .... and Christmas decorations are invading the lab !

Bohale, From Above and Below

Captain Terry told us things were going to start moving and they sure did; we were five days away from the drill site and tropical cyclone Bohale stood in our way.

“决心”号 means JOIDES Resolution !!!

Jiangsong, chinese reporter on board, brings the JOIDES Resolution to China !

Jiangsong, reporter chinoise a bord, importe le JOIDES Resolution en Chine !

Jiansong, reportera china a bordo, importa la JOIDES Resolution en China !

Meet SloMo!

This is SloMo. He is a sloth and they are generally found in South America but SloMo is a very special sloth. He is part of the JOIDES Resolution Expedition 360 team. He is named for the slow spreading ridge of the Atlantis Bank and the Moho boundary that we will be exploring.

SloMo has learned his way around the ship.

Expedition 360, Delivered to Your Ears

Introducing a new way to follow the JOIDES Resolution, A Hole at the Bottom of the Sea is a podcast mini-series that will be produces weekly during expedition 360 and the first episode is live!

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