Core on deck!

Expedition 355 is now officially in business. Around 2:45 AM local time our very first core arrived on deck at Site U1456. It seemed to be a nice nannofossil ooze with a bunch of clay in it so hopefully plenty of stuff for all our scientists to get working on.

Misty, moisty morning

We arrive on site today to begin our first operations in this region.

Meetings, meetings, meetings and then a few more meetings

I had a fairly good idea of the work to be done onboard, as
one of my colleagues Dinesh, sailed on the same vessel a couple of months ago.
But, it was only after we boarded the vessel on the first day of this month,
that I realized the great responsibility bestowed upon us as being one of the

Almost at the site

Still underway and preparing for the core to come. Are now
just to the west of the Chagos islands, around 400 km off the coast of Mangalore
on the western Indian coast. We are still waiting for a lovely sunrise but
again today there were brooding clouds across the horizon, obscuring the view.
Fortunately the sun cleared them soon enough and we are now making progress

Underway at last!

After the long portcall and all the bureaucratic wrangling with
customs we are finally underway. Shortly after 9 PM we slipped our lines and
were nudged out backwards from our dock by tugs past the container terminal,
which was working furiously into the night loading and unloading these giant
vessels. After spinning on the spot the ship headed west out of the harbor

Happy B'Day Rajeev

A Long Good Friday

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