Tick tock

SUMA 11 C, here we are!

After 3 days of transit, we arrived on our first site of coring last night!

Core Description Consensus

Coordinating scientific observations among 33 scientists and 24 lab technicians over 2 shifts is no easy task. But it’s very important.

In Transit

The horizon doesn't change much as we transit through the Indian Ocean at 14 knots (25 kmph=16 mph--this is very fast for a ship of our size). We're motoring at a bearing of 103º from port in Colombo, Sri Lanka, to our drill sites in the eastern Indian Ocean. We should get to our first site tomorrow morning. In the meantime,

Don't Drop The Towfish (Yet) !

It reminds me my Eiffel Tower!

eiffel tower

Expedition 362 departing right now!

No land for 8 weeks!


Memories from the School of Rock 2016

As we bid farewell to new-found friends, colleagues and the JOIDES Resolution, we share some highlights of our experience with simple words and pictures to demonstrate how

Studying the Sands of Time

On our last full day aboard the ship, we began with a drive up the
coast to Boulder’s Beach. Although we came to examine the physical processes

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