Video Diary #3

It's a few days into Expedition 366 and we have our first official core samples from the Blue Moon seamount

Yinazao Seamount, and the Perils of Drilling on Hillsides

Well, it took more than a day to get core on deck! 

Out of the Blue (Moon)

Video Diary #2

My next Video diary is posted! Take a peek at the ship's deck, galley, and gym. 

Bohrkern an Deck/ Core On The Deck

Mysterious mud volcanoes explained by Chief Scientists

Hi there! My latest video is available on Youtube<. Watch to learn why our scientists are so excited about blue mud, and how the science conducted on this expedition can help us better understand earthquakes and tsunamis.

Arrival at Blue Moon (English version)

Arriving at Blue Moon Seamount

Blue Moon Seamount<

Popping a CORK, and Sunrise Watching (redux...)


Currently, we're sailing for Yinazao (formerly Blue Moon) Seamount after a partly successful endeavor to un-CORK (i.e. remove a CORK-type fluid flow and analysis instrument package) from Site 1200 on the South Chamorro Seamount, that had been there for 15+ years since it was installed on ODP Leg 195. 

Erster Einsatz: South Chamorro Seamount

"Korken an Deck"
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