Preparations are Underway for Expedition 360!

The education officers for Expedition 360, Lucas, Marion, and I, have made our travel arrangements and we are set to board the JOIDES Resolution on December 1st!


Exp359. Drilling from the JOIDES...

 How to drill from the JOIDES Resolution?

the drill bit is lowered directly on the sea floor at the start of the drilling process: it's the technique of the riserless drilling.

the drill string is made up by stands (= 3 drill pipes connected together ).

The drill string is lowered to the sea floor.

exp359. JOIDES:les défis du forage

2 grands défis pour forer à partir du JOIDES :

Du JOIDES, on fore sans tube-guide fixe par rapport au fond, c'est à
dire que la tête de forage  est descendue directement sur le fond marin au bout du
train de forage .

Exp359. Mousson, coquilles, dents fossiles et... Himalaya !

Comment étudier l'histoire de la mousson  et sa relation trouble avec l'Himalaya?

Women in Science: Q&A with Senay Horozal

Exp359. Again and again !!!

 Chad the curator , Maggie, Sandra and the other labtechnicians manage the cores without respite.

Exp359. passage à la vitesse supérieure!

Arrivée sur le site U1471(MAL-07) à 15h45 hier.

Une fois les thrusters descendus pour stabiliser le bateau,

la balise de positionnement a été déployée à 17h00 et le carottage a commencé.


Let Them Squeeze Cake!: contributor Rachael Gray


Exp359. Day shift vs Night shift !!

Midnight informal cross-over meeting !!


Preparing Exp 360 ... So exciting !

We were three Educators to sail on the JR, Alejandra, Lucas and me, Marion. Now a fourth, chinese, Education Officer arrived in our team, Jiansong !

This team will be very important to make a great job for you !

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