The Liftboat Myrtle vs The JOIDES Resolution

The JOIDES Resolution and the Liftboat Myrtle are both being used as platforms for ocean scientific drilling, but, beyond that, they don't have a lot in common.

The Chicxulub Impact Crater Expedition's 5-Year Plan

Cape Town Tie Up 2

Cape Town, South Africa Tie-Up

Ship Tours and My Farewell

When this ship pulls into port, it draws a lot of attention, and tours are plentiful.  The co-chief scientists and I gave two tours - one to the staff and students of the Goedgedacht Trust, the recipients of the marathon money raised, as well as three boxes of donations from generous shipmates, and the second to the University of Cape Town's  Dept.

Land Ho!

My undying gratitude

I owe my entire experience to the co-Chief Scientists, Ian Hall and Sid Hemming.  Were it not for them demanding that an Education & Outreach Officer be included on the expedition, even though the ship was leaving in less than 3 weeks, I would not be here.  I also have to thank the Staff Scientist (our supreme leader!) Leah Levay for putting up with my learning curve.  Of cou

Sea Story #3 = The other rescue

This story comes from Cornelis Van Gelder, one of our crane operators.  He gave me a video to watch, but no photos to post (the one photo here is just of a construction ship he used to work on).

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