Core Mayhem

A little later than we expected, but the first core has arrived and after a suitable period of rest and heating to room temperature the core was split and the serious work could begin at last.

First Core!

It took its time coming and kept getting delayed but like many exciting things worth waiting for the first core finally arrived late but on deck about 1 AM last night local time. We had spent a rather unfocused day completing our reports with the high point being a rather excellent Chinese dinner to celebrate the new year largely made by members of the Chinese scientific party.

Dumpling Party

Two days ago we had the Chinese New Year. As cores have not arrived yet, we tried to keep our hands busy making Chinese dumplings. People say that you need to be patient to count microfossils, but dumplings for me are even more challenging! Thanks Xin-Su 'the dumpling master' and other Chinese scientists arranged everything and taught us how to make them.

Life as a Staff Scientist

To say the life of a staff scientist at the start of an IODP expedition is busy is a serious understatement! I could easily work 24 hours a day and still not feel like I am caught up. Fortunately, there are so many experienced technical staff and scientists on the JOIDES Resolution that most things would get done even without me.

First day at sea

Our first proper day at sea and I awoke with the rather pleasant sensation of the ship rolling gently which is a marvelous and comforting feeling when lying cosy in your bunk, but today was not a day for a long rest because we had already been told that at 10:30 this morning they would be our first lifeboat drill, an essential part of the safety of any major seagoing vessel.

Sailing Away. . .

On Wednesday and under an intense bright sun and blue sky we finally departed the dock at Hong Kong's Kennedy town and headed for the open South China Sea. Victoria Harbour was extremely busy with hydrofoil ferries rushing backwards and forwards between the mainland, Macau and the islands.

Global Science

We are already sailing, after leaving the busy harbor of Hong-Kong, and saying goodbye to the land until the 4th of April.

La mousson du nord…/The northern monsoon...

28 janvier 2014. Avant d’aller en Mer de Chine du Sud, je ne connaissais qu’une mousson, qui pour moi représentait des pluies diluviennes en Inde. J’ai découvert la “mousson du nord” dès que nous sommes partis de Hong Kong en novembre 1985 sur le navire américain «Conrad».

Hong Kong at last!

24-26 Janvier 2014.
Je suis arrivée à Hong Kong vendredi soir, après 2h d’avion entre Toulouse et Paris, et 11h d’avion entre Paris et Hong Kong. Après le rush des derniers jours, c’était facile de dormir dans l’avion.

Last minute preparations

As I wrote in my profile this is my first time in a IODP expedition and I am filled with excitement and worries, all at once (together and at the same time). As Ivan Hernandez the first I heard about the IODP expeditions, I was still an undergraduate student and the idea of participating in one of this cruises always fascinated me.

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