Video Diary #1

Hi JOIDES fans and followers! I've posted my first video diary about life onboard the ship, just a little hint of what is to come in the next few weeks. 

Check it out on our Vimeo page HERE<.

Weather Forecast

Bad Weather Forecast

Back on the JR (!!??). Guam, Magnetometers and Serpentine...

And... two years and 10 weeks later; I'm back on the JR

Education and Outreach Officers reporting for duty!

Hello there JOIDES fans! I’m Kristen, one of the onboard outreach officers for Expedition 366, and I’m thrilled to document the exciting science onboard the ship for the next 2 months as we travel along the outskirts of the Mariana trench.

Scientists boarding the JR in Guam

Mariana Science Party Boarding

Today on Dec.9th-2016, the science party of IODP-Expedition: Mariana Convergent Margin&South Chamorro Seamount has been boarding the Joides Resolution. The ship will be on the so called port call for another four days in Guam,until it is scheduled to leave for the northern section of the Mariana region on Dec.13th-2016.

Expedition 363: Interview with Yair Rosenthal

Past Climate and Expedition 363.

Captain Terry Skinner

Greg Mountain

Expedition 366: Kurz vor dem Start

IODP-Expedition Mariana Convergent Margin & South Chamorro Seamount<

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