Behind the Science - Try to guess what is the most important object in the picture/Indovina qual e' l'oggetto piu' importante

This will be a big challenge for people that are not expert about drilling system like me.

The following one is a picture taken in a specific moment on the rig floor, after we finished the casing (if you don't know what the casing is, see a previous post about).

Outreach - Video connection from...the other side!

Ogni giorno ci sono almeno un paio di collegamenti dalla JOIDES Resolution con scuole di tutto il mondo. A volte i docenti ci inviano delle bellissime parole di ringraziamento e a volte anche delle foto che hanno fatto durante il video collegamento.

Science on board - Chit-chat with a petrologist/ Quattro chiacchiere con un petrologo

In this post we are going to meet Anders McCarthy one of the petrologist on board the JOIDES Resolution in Expedition 367.

Here the interview he released to me.

_C8U2368 (FILEminimizer)

Science on board - News from Core 24R: we passed from middle to early Miocene!

We are still heading to our basement target (hard magmatic rocks) but passing through the sediments that are becoming older and older.

In core 24R our paleontologists found some species that allowed them to say "we are coring sediments from early Miocene." It means the boundary between middle and early Miocene that is 15.97 Ma (Million years ago)

Science on board - Exp 367 meets Exp 368: difficult but not impossible.


One thing that maybe I have not stressed yet is that Exp 367 is the first part of a 4 month expedition and the work of our expedition will be continued with Exp 368 from April to June.

Look at this page< if you want to know more.

Behind the Science - Sometimes is coring and sometimes is "casing"

We don't always drill the seafloor to core. Sometimes before we core we need to do another process called casing.

Behind the Science - The JR's favorite activity: Tripping pipes

One of the main activities on the ship is connecting large pipes that fit together that extend to the sea floor. Please see the following time lapse< of the rig floor during this process.

Science on board/Education - Styrofoam cups into the deep ocean


Yesterday on the JOIDES Resolution we sent into the deep ocean the Sub Sea Video Camera. Together with the camera, in the system, there were also a beacon, a sonar and ... 86 Styrofoam cups.

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