Can you spot the difference?.

Look carefully at the images of micro-fossils from the bottom of the ocean.

Measuring the physical properties of the core.

Jennifer Wurtzel and Jian Xu are on the noon to midnight shift . They make physical properties measurements on the sediment as it arrives on board the boat.

Jong-Hwa our expert in volcanic ash

The role of the sedimentologists.

JOIDES Resolution drills under the ocean into the seafloor to bring up long cylinders of material called core. Sedimentologists describe this core.There are two teams of four sedimentologists sailing with expedition 363. The team working from midday to midnight comprises of Brad, Sam, Takuya and Jong-Hwa.

Sam is part of the team of sedimentologists.

We would not be allowed to drill without the geochemists.

Tali, Dan and Masanobu make up the noon to midnight shift in the geochemistry laboratory. This team of scientists undertake some important initial analysis of the sediment. 
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