Satellite versus Fibre Optics

The loss of our fibre optic link with the sub-marine camera, and the impact it has had on our expedition, illustrates the importance of this technology, but the wider importance of fibre optic technology is that it carries 95% of global communications, leaving satellite communication well behind!

Close, but no cigar. EXP 350's efforts fall just shy of depth goal due to broken camera.


The night shifters awoke to some bad news regarding our mission just after the day shifters had gone to bed. We learned that there was an issue with our re-entry camera preventing us from re-entering Hole E. We were just 200 meters shy of our goal of coring to 2,000 meters, which would have been a record for the JR.

You Are Now Entering a Time Warp!

The Joides Resolution sits in a time warp all of its own!

Ship Shenanigans!

Cabin fever sets in, and the shenanigans increase. A scavenger hunt, remake of an old tech photo and an epic 30th party makes the crux of the cruise a positive experience!

Meet the Paleo team!

The “paleo” on JR is a small team of 6 scientists working together to date the sediments and rocks recovered day and night to address a specific scientific question. Here, the “Crustal Evolution of the IZU back-arc.”

Unsung Heroes

There are a number of ‘teams’ of people on the JOIDES Resolution who all have to work together to make the expedition a success.

Exp 350: JR Casing Record!

On May 9th, 2014 the JOIDES Resolution set a new record for it’s deepest set casing, beating the old record by 19 meters (leg 186 hole 1151B)!!! The Siem offshore crew set casing down to 1,087 meters below sea floor (mbsf), that’s about 0.7 miles of casing!

But what is casing?

Bird on the Wing

James (Jim) Gill, one of our intrepid repeat travelers, handed me a book yesterday and said: ‘Read the first paragraph.’ and then left. It was ‘Seabirds - an identification guide’, written and illustrated in 1983 by Peter Harrison.

Six Week Malaise and its Impact on our Food

There is a strange malaise that begins to descend on the ship in week six - cabin fever!

Meet your Expedition 350 science team!

Who are these scientists anyways and how did they get here?

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