Exp. 375 – First core on deck!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=csW9lq7veRY​ Geologists see sediment cores as a written history, it’s exciting and fascinating.  The samples are studied for years, new species are still being discovered from core drilled four decades ago.

About foraminifera and Pokémon

About foraminifera and Pokémon

*Beautiful illustration of forams made by Ernst Haeckel in 1900 You must know what Pokémons are. Your son, nephew, younger brother or even you’ve had some contact with these colourful and varied characters created by Nintendo in 1996. At least Pikachu I’m sure you’ve heard of. That yellow rabbit looking creature with red cheeks, which jumps, screams and release rays. Many people collect, trade, and dispute the cards containing the powers, strength levels, and other…

Leaders in Geoscience: “Women who rock on the JR”

Leaders in Geoscience: “Women who rock on the JR”  It has been an honor working on the JR, with so many people who have a passion for geoscience and oceanography.  In particular, the remarkable group of young women scientists on board Expedition 371. They are without doubt, exceptional role models for young females looking into a scientific career.  A career in Geoscience, was traditionally dominated by males, but this field has exploded to include females…