Grades 5-12 | Undergraduate

Students use Google Earth, the Blast From the Past poster, and a replica or photos of the KT Core (Leg 171) to  investigate meteorite impact craters and analyze evidence for the K/T boundary impact.

               Grades 5-12

This activity allows students to access online data and generate graphs that illustrate distribution changes in marine microfossils preserved in ocean sediment cores. Students will retrieve data for several microfossils and generate a graph that illustrates the geologic period of time in which the organisms existed. After graphing the data, students will observe and compare their findings with the class.

This kit contains a set of colorful images, a core replica, and interactive materials designed to:

  1.         Introduce the JOIDES Resolution research vessel and scientific ocean drilling;
  2.         Demonstrate how cores and sediment records drilled from the ocean floor can be used to make inferences about past events;
  3.         Present different careers associated with conducting science on the ship.”



  • HardCORE Writing – Leg 171 Pencil

The image on this pencil is of the Cretaceous/Tertiary core that documents the meteorite impact that took place 65 million years ago.

This poster illustrates an “Earth shattering” event in our planet’s history. Through illustrations and descriptions of the evidence retrieved from a core, the poster presents classroom activities that link ocean drilling science with historical events in the Earth’s past. Unveiling the history with their own hands, students experience aspects of ocean drilling science at an intermediate level. Note: Out of print, but still available in PDF format for download.

  • Lab Book: Core Description Card

Take a page out of the Cretaceous Tertiary Lab book  with an image of the KT core (171b) taken near the Florida coast that holds evidence for the meteorite impact that contributed to a mass extinction event 65 million years ago. Students can use the card to make their own observations, and inferences, and keep notes about the clues each layer holds.

  • Blast from the Past Sticker Book

Use these stickers to re-create the story told in this famous core sample pulled up from the seafloor by the JOIDES Resolution. The layers in this core tell us a lot about how the world changed suddenly 65 million years ago – and explains the fate of the dinosaurs (and many other plants and animals living at that time)!