Fault Core: 141 Triple Junction Core Kit

Faulted claystone, silty claystone, sandy silty claystone from late Pleistocene subunit IIC recovered from hole B at Site 863.  This site is located at the base of the trench slope of the Chile Trench where the Chile Ridge is being subducted.  One of the objectives of drilling at this site was to identify the structural fabrics and deformation caused by rift subduction.

Tales of the Resolution Reading Activities

Tales of the Resolution Reading Activities

Episode 1: Tales of the Resolution! The reader is introduced to the ship and its history of discovery. This graphic novel takes place just before the JR was about to undergo a major re-fitting after two decades of scientific ocean drilling. Authored and designed by Carl Brenner from the Borehole Research Group. More graphic novels can be found at http://www.ldeo.columbia.edu/BRG/outreach/media/tales/index.html

JOIDES Resolution Papercraft Model

Print page two and three out on heavyweight card stock then read all instructions below before proceeding. Use the images on this page for reference. Materials: Fast-setting white glue or tape, sharp razor knife or scissors, small metal ruler, and lastly, patience.

Why study forams?

Foraminifera allow scientists to look at the past and compare it to today’s world to see how the Earth has changed over time. Scientists gain a better understanding of the Earth by looking at the distribution of foraminifera. Liv- ing forams are like mirrors on present-day condi- tions, while fossil foraminifers provide clues to past environments and how the surface of the Earth has changed over time. There are over 4000 extant (living) foram species today,…