Congratulations to our winners of the 2013 contest! Here are the 8 winning sculptures that were sent down to the seafloor May 20 – 29 off the coast of Seattle:








Here's how some of them fared:


Enter this year's J-aRt Contest and show us your EXTREME creativity! Winning sculptures will be sent down to the seafloor, where the intense pressure will shrink them!

We invite your entries of styrofoam sculptures in the categories listed below. Need inspiration? See our winners from last year here!

***New this year****

We suggest using a pre-fabricated styrofoam shape (or more than one) to create your sculpture. See a few examples below. You can find these at most arts and crafts stores or on-line. We found several good suppliers here, here and here. But you are free to get them anywhere you like! You may also choose to use a pre-formed stryofoam shape used as packing protection in a box you may have received or bought. These are the same kind of foam and can work well. You can then carve into these shapes, attach them to each other, or do whatever other creative things you would like.




1. Microbes: relating to microbial life UNDER the seafloor!

2. Ship models: model the JR, a part of the JR, or another ship related in some way to the JR

3. Earth processes: earthquakes, volcanoes, plate tectonics, mountains, craters, the whole planet Earth, oh my! Can you create art about one of these?

4. Open: unrelated to any of the other categories!


***New this year***

J-aRt goes INTERACTIVE! We have talented and eager artist Nicole Kurtz going out on Expedition 345: Hess Deep, from December 12, 2012 – February 12, 2013. She will be available to test out your ideas for your sculpture and answer questions while she is out at sea. You can contact her here: You can ask her to try a certain shape or a certain kind of adhesive or a certain depth, or anything you can think of! She'll work with you to test your idea and report back to you on how it works so you can incorporate it into your entry. She will also post ideas in her blogs during the expedition.


1. Create your sculpture out of stryofoam. You may use any styrofoam shape to start with. Be creative with color – but you must use permanent ink and paints (not water-based) when drawing on your sculpture, as it will be subjected to lots of sea water! When you are attaching pieces to each other, make sure your attachments are VERY secure and use styrofoam glue. Be sure that your sculpture measures no larger than 12 inches on any side (one cubic foot maximum).  Any questions? Email:


2. Take several high quality images – up to 4 – of your completed sculpture and send them to us at: You must also fill out our on-line entry form. One entry form per sculpture, even if you send multiple photos. You may enter more than once, but you must fill out an entry form for each entry.


3. DEADLINE is midnight: FEBRUARY 28, 2013.


4. The top 3 winners in each age group – elementary, middle school, high school and college-level –  and each entry category – will be contacted to ship their original artworks to Deep Earth Academy. We will then send them with the JOIDES Resolution, where they will be sent down to the seafloor during our expedition that leaves port May 20, 2013 and returns May 29th. We will document the artworks' descent to the seafloor and before and after images. We will make live skype interactions available for as many of the winning entrants' classes as possible during this expedition, so you can watch what happens to your sculptures!


5. PRIZES: In addition to the documentation described above and a feature on our website, each top winner will receive a special, limited edition J-aRt T-shirt designed by artist Nicole Kurtz, a solid copper, made-in-America, also limited-edition (you cannot buy one of these!) JR cookie cutter, and a certificate suitable for framing. We also hope to exhibit all winning entries in an art show open to the public.

6. Participation is open to students worldwide, aged 5-22 years old. Three prizes within each age group will be awarded. Competition age groups are: 5-8; 9-12; 13-17; 18-25 years of age.