The 2012 J-aRt Contest has gone 3-D! 






We have winners!!

See below for our winners in Art Under Pressure. These winning sculptures were sent to the JR, where they were sent down to the seafloor during Expedition 340T. Take a look at our video of their journey to see what happened to them! And, as you can see from the before and after photos below, the deep sea is a dangerous place!

Thank you to everyone for their wonderful entries – we had some very tough decisions in choosing winners!




Gabriella Pino Morena, Chester, VA

                No "after" photo available

Kathleen McNinch, Chester, VA


                                 No "after" photo available


Heather Smart, Richmond, VA




The Oakley School, Oakley, Utah



Adia Bulawa,  Ava, New York




Callista Martin, Coos Bay, OR



Serena Alpagh and Alexa Lankford, Newark, DE




  Allison Putman, Coos Bay, OR



Luke Karavan, Linwood, NJ




Kelsey Punch,  Chester, VA




To enter:

1. Create your sculpture out of stryofoam. You may use cups, heads, peanuts, plates, balls, anything you can get ahold of that is made of styrofoam. Be creative with color – but you must use permanent ink when drawing on your sculpture, as it will be subjected to sea water. When you are attaching pieces to each other ,make sure your attachments are VERY secure. Be sure that your sculpture measures no larger than 12 inches on any side (one cubic foot maximum). You may also want to consider building 2 copies of your creation – one to keep original size and one to shrink on the ship! Any questions? Email:

2. Take several high quality images – up to 4 – of your completed sculpture and send them to us at: Your application form, available for download below, must be attached to your entry. One entry form per sculpture, even if you send multiple photos.

3. DEADLINE is midnight: DECEMBER 11, 2011.

4. The top 3 winners in each category – elementary, middle school and high school – will be contacted to ship their original artworks to Deep Earth Academy. We will then send them with the JOIDES Resolution, where they will be sent down to the seafloor during our expedition that leaves port January 17th, 2012 and returns February 6th. We will document the artworks' descent to the seafloor and before and after images.

5. PRIZES: In addition to the documentation described above and a feature on our website, each top winner will receive a special, limited edition JOIDES Resolution Flip video camera and a live ship-to-shore broadcast with the ship for their classroom, school or community. All winning entries will be placed on display in an art show open to the public.

6. Participation is open to students worldwide, aged 5-17 years old. Three prizes within each age group will be awarded. Competition age groups are: 5-8; 9-12; 13-17 years of age.


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