Pittsburgh Event Schedule

Sunday, June 15, 2014: 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Hands-on Cart Activities: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Author Kevin Kurtz reads from Uncovering Earth's Secrets: 1:00 PM

JR Live Event with the ship: 2:00 PM



Carnegie Science Center

One Allegheny Ave.

Pittsburgh, PA 15212




Contacts for event:

Sharon Katz-Cooper:  scooper@oceanleadership.org

Kevin Kurtz: kevkurtz@gmail.com

Contact for School of Rock:

Jen Collins: jcollins@oceanleadership.org





Please wear jeans or khaki pants. If you have a JR-related t-shirt, wear it! If not, wear a dark blue or black t-shirt and we will lend you a JR button-down denim shirt to wear over it. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes! Please note: we will have limited space to store personal items.


Food and Drink

Bring a water bottle – you will be doing a lot of talking! For lunch, there is a café in the museum.

Discover Earth’s Secrets with the JOIDES Resolution!


Join us as we explore one of the world’s only scientific drilling research vessels, the JOIDES Resolution. Families are invited to participate in fun activities and programs led by JOIDES Resolution scientists and educators. You’ll learn how the ship travels the world’s oceans to make discoveries about volcanoes, Ice Age floods, the extinction of the dinosaurs and more!


JR Outreach Event Objectives

During the event, the hands-on activities will be grouped together in the exhibit area and open to any visitors who want to stop and interact.

Having had a fun and exploratory experience with these activities and our volunteer facilitators, visitors will leave with:

  • A raised awareness that deep sea cores play a role in understanding our Earth’s history
  • An excitement about the science that is being conducted by the JOIDES Resolution
  • A raised awareness that science is an ongoing process with many questions left to answer
  • A knowledge that they can get involved and learn more through www.joidesresolution.org


Some helpful documents:

Tips for Educating the Public in a Museum Setting

Descriptions of Hands-On Activities



Primary Activity: Core Retrieval


When visitors approach the area, kids will get a model JR ship and the adults will get an “Instant Expert” card. Visitors use model JR ships to extract “mini cores” from a mock ocean then proceed to the corresponding core station. The adults can get a quick understanding of deep sea sediments.

Core investigation

Visitors move to the appropriate station based on the core retrieved. At each station is a very simple activity related to the event their core represents. The activities are centered around the questions “What’s the evidence?” 


Giant meteorite wreaks havoc on Earth! Mass extinction follows! (K/Pg core)

Visitors first match pictures of the layer contents to the correct layer of a laminated picture of the core, then match pictures of the correct terrestrial event correlated with each layer.  Their final step is to place an arrow on the core to indicate the evidence of the impact event.


Colossal floods carry plants from 700 miles inland! (Saanich Inlet)


Visitors sort objects that come from land vs come from the ocean, then look at core images with magnified samples of each layer.  They conclude by placing an arrow (See arrows for all stations) on a laminated version of the core to indicate evidence of the flood event.


Give Aways


Instant Expert Cards
Cretaceous Impact Pencils
JR Tattoos
Print copies of children’s book Uncovering Earth’s Secrets
JR website postcards
Upcoming JR expeditions brochures
JR careers brochures
JR educator flash drives