First video report and other links!

The storm passed and we are steadily, but slowly, progressing towards our first drill site. It’s cold, misty and atmospheric outside. A few people have spotted whales. The mist means we have to go slow to avoid bergs. Not much else to report – the amount of meetings and tours has reduced and now we are all just focusing on our own lab preparations. Getting ready for the first “core on the floor” which could be as soon as tomorrow night.
Links, links, LINKS:
- The first Wilkes Land weekly video<  report!! Including penguin TV for younger viewers (...and undergraduates ;). Younger viewers might also want to follow the progress of Lambchop< on Travis’ blog...
- Daily reports and  location maps<.

- The science of 318 – and why you should care! I’ll talk more about the science (especially my role) as the expedition progresses. But there is no point in re-inventing the wheel, so start here with this excellent  blog< by Stephen Pekar.  



hey Ja,

Saw you briefly on the vid, loved the Penguin TV and Star Trek scene, looking forward to more videos

Steve Massart