Letter to JR

A letter to the JR:                                        

Dear JR, It is the night before I meet you for the first time. I have heard so much about you and now we will finally meet. Soon your sounds will feel like home, and those you house will feel like family. Soon I will know your language and the new names for things. Tonight I met some of the others who will be coming to see you. You know some of them; the new faces you will like too. I walked the Victoria shore today and saw a whale and some sea otters. Perhaps I will see some more at sea with you. Until then, Jackie


Hi Mrs. Kane! I was wondering

Hi Mrs. Kane!
I was wondering that now the exploration is coming to a close, how did you like living on the ship? Did you adjest well or was it hard at first? Did you like all of the people on your ship? Did you make any "lifelong friends"? Also, do you miss any of the conviences you have at home and not on the JR? I don't think I would be able to do it!

Hope you are having a great day!
Lauren Burns

You ask many interesting

You ask many interesting questions. I like living on a ship. It is very comfortable. However, as it is not a permanent job, I look at it differently than many on board. I have a very big life off the ship. This is kind of an oasis in time. As far as adjusting goes, there are many things to adjust to. Food, sleeping, routines were very easy to adjust too. All our needs were met. I didn't miss any thing. The science was unbelievable stimulating. There were some things that were hard. We'll talk about them in class perhaps. Thanks for writing and pondering these ideas. Mrs. Kane

How is your job?

Hi Mrs. Kane, That's really cool that you can request movies to be shown. I was wondering if there are any hazards in the job you do. Do you have to wear protective equipment/apparel to do your job? -Nicola Su

Hi Nicola, Yes there is many

Hi Nicola,
Yes there is many things to be careful about. However they are no hazard as long as one obeys the rules and is careful. I'm still a bit scared to walk out on the narrow walks around the ship with the ocean so far below. I have to wear protective gear when the area calls for it. Hard hat, goggle, steal toed shoes.....I'll post a picture on my next blog!
Mrs. Kane


Hi Mrs. Kane! How's life on the boat? Are you going to be able to explore under the sea at all? If you are, it sounds like it would be alot of fun! I hope the weather stays nice so you can enjoy your studies! - Taylor St

Life on the ship is great. I

Life on the ship is great. I will stay above the water, no diving down. The weather is windy, a bit cold. There is so much to learn and do, I get exhausted each day. Today we scanned some sample cores and attended meeting. I'll post a pic on my next blog, stay tuned,
Mrs. Kane

Hey Mrs. Kane! I see there is

Hey Mrs. Kane! I see there is a movie theater on the ship. That's really cool! Have you gotten a chance to watch any movies yet? How is the weather at sea? I hope it is nice and sunny for you. This seems like a great opportunity and I can't wait for you to share stories about your experience with our class. -Nicola Su

Hi Nicola, There is nothing

Hi Nicola,
There is nothing but ocean 360 degrees. The ocean looks powerful. The boat is rocking back and forth, side by side and up and down. I would be seasick if it wasn't for this anti seasickness patch behind my ear. Modern medicine is great. I watched part of a movie the other day but was so sleepy I left. There is a list of movies I can request to be shown.
There was a beautiful sunrise this morning but I didn't get outside quick enough to capture it. Sometimes it is overcast but when the sun comes out and shines off the waves it is beautiful. I think I will be sharing the day I come back!
Mrs. Kane

Have a great time Mrs.

Have a great time Mrs. Kane!!!!! I can't wait til school starts and we get to hear all about your trip and all of the cool stuff you've learned!
Cassie Jo

1st day out

Hi Cassie,
So good to hear from you. It is awesome. eerie and exciting here in the middle of the ocean. The water looks very massive and very deep. I found out today I will be working from noon to midnight starting tomorrow. My sea sickness medicine is working just fine, although we are experience fairly quiet waters. The swaying feels like being in a hammock and rocking very slowly. We're looking for more more friends on our Facebook. So, here's my idea Cassie, can you get 20 or more kids to join he JR Facebook account all on the same day? I'd like to see the number our Facebook fans jump quickly. That way I will know it's the SUA students!!

SUA Physics

Hi Mrs. Kane! This sounds like an amazing experience to be able to take part in! I can't wait to hear about it when you return. I was wondering if you are going to be going into the water to explore or are you just exploring from the ship?
Taylor Sw

The water is mighty cold and

The water is mighty cold and there is no swimming. It is somewhat scary looking over the edge into the dark deep churning waters. Sometimes it is nice just looking out the window. It is very windy. There are small submarine vessels that go to the bottom to gather data from the instruments down there but it requires much training to operate the vessel. There is enough excitement inside exploring all the Labs and talking with the scientists without experiencing the swimming in open ocean..... We've started sendiing down pipes to see how much sediment is on the ocean floor that is covering the rock. fascinating, Mrs.Kane

To my dear sister!

I hope you have a wonderful trip! With love from me and your whole family, K.

hi K, I am having so much fun

hi K, I am having so much fun and learning so much. I wish I didn't have to sleep, there is so much to learn.
Thanks for responding to my blog,

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Dear JR, It is the night before you sail off. Please remember you are a boat, not a submarine. Do try to keep your head above water!

"Ah yes, will do. Also I will

"Ah yes, will do. Also I will try to keep the people on the boat; keep the boat off the ground; and say away from other boats" -JR

Jackie....have a great time!!

Jackie....have a great time!! I plan on keeping up with your blog. Gayle Mills (from Wenham)

Just think, you are near the

Just think, you are near the Atlantic and I'm in the far away Pacific. Yet, all the waters are connected. This website can keep us connected too!