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We are off! There is a slight swagger to the ship now, as if the JR says proudly,” This is where I belong!"

People have slipped away into cubbyholes to continue to prepare for the upcoming first location. I visited with the one of the Co-Chief Scientists, Andrew Fisher, and microbiologist, Jim Cowen, as they assemble a unique instrument for one of their experiments. Although they work meticulously, there is always room for humor as shown in the photo.


Hi Mrs. Kane! Looks like you

Hi Mrs. Kane!
Looks like you are having a great time already! haha, what is it exactly that those men are wearing in the picture? And, how does each scientist have to prepare before reaching each new location?

Hope all is well!
Lauren Burns

Do you mean what they are

Do you mean what they are holding in front of their eyes? Sometimes scientists act like little kids too. Here they notice that the coils they made to carry the gas in the tracer experiment look like goggles and held them up like glasses. At this point in scientists research, they know what they want to do and how to do it. They prepare by setting out all the tools they need when the core comes up. See you soon, Mrs. Kane

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Hi Mrs. Kane! This project is so interesting, you must be having so much fun being able to take it all in! what is the purpose of the special instrument the scientists are assembling? and is it a new idea or a modification of a more common instrument? hope you're enjoying your journey!
Denise Bu

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Hi Mrs. Kane!
First of all I hope you are enjoying your trip! Also, I know that i commented once on your blog but now that I am revisiting this site I will admit I am a little confused on how to find my original comment and your reply to it. Am I doing this right at all? Let me know! Thank you!

Hi Denise, Yes! I got your

Hi Denise,
Yes! I got your email. Something was strange about the formatting though, I'll ask about it here on the ship. We have drilled two testing drillings which was to see how thick the sediment was. I haven't checked today but they were going to put something on the bottom today. It is so fascinating and a real different world. If you still have trouble, write me on my school email. One week past, 7 to go!
Spread the word to join the ships face book, ok? (
Mrs. Kane

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I agree! i just commented but can't seem to locate my comment.... is it the site or just my computer?
Denise Bu

Hey, you forgot to identify

Hey, you forgot to identify your self! First name and last 2 letters of your last name. Will reply to you under your comment. Check back, or use the SUA email if you have further questions.
Good to hear from you,
Mrs. Kane

Oops! I totally forgot to

Oops! I totally forgot to identify myself these comments are from Claire Ne! Now I am starting to understand how this works. First of all, before I ask any other questions, how did you get involved in this project?