settling in

The stateroom or cabin is approximately 10'x 10'. There are 2 lockers about 18" wide to hold our clothes, shoes and miscelaneous "stuff". At the top of the locker is located our life vest, hard hat, and safety suit. There is a sink with a mirror. One desk that is approximately 40" long with 3 drawers and a couple of shelves above and a chair. A set of bunkbeds complete the furniture ensemble. Curtains can be pulled around  each bunkbed for privacy or blocking the light . I have the top bunk. The ladder to the top is metal with square rungs---not the most comfortable climbing barefooted.  However, my bed is quite comfortable with a duvet and pillow. I brought my own, so now I have two. There are  rails around the bed so that I won't fall out in a pitching sea.There are 4 hooks on the wall to hang back- packs, towels, jackets, or whatever.The bathroom consists of a shower and toilet, which we share with two other ladies. The floor is fully carpeted. We have a steward who makes the bed, vacuums,  cleans the bathroom, and leaves fresh towels daily. This is my home for the next two months.

 Dinah Bowman


dinah bowman

Ahoy, matey!!!! Sounds like you are settled in. Are they working you long hrs? Have you gotten sea sick? We will be keeping track of you and your adventures!!!! shirley

Dinah Bowman: You get into

Dinah Bowman:

You get into the most interesting things. How did you come to be with this group?

I hope you love it and have lots of fun.

Judy Rogers

Dinah gets into.....

Knowing Dinah back in her NHS high School days, I can vouch for her as being a go-getter. Even in the 60's she often found the unknown of interest and was always able to use her imagination to make visual comprehension of many things not understood during our time back then. Myself, thought you would become a teacher and in a great way you have as now you expand our own imaginations via some of her drawings. A creative Naturalist, curator of imaginations, classmate and friend she is, was and always will be
I do stand to wonder ( after tasting one of her brownies back in 1967), if Dinah ever learned to boil water....LOL

The Midnight Express
Billy Hayes