Creating an Illustration

Illustrations are important in sharing information between scientists and people who want to learn about their research projects. 

How an illustration is made:
(1) First there is a concept or idea that is shared between an artist and the scientist. A rough sketch is created…this can be done on just about anything…. even a napkin.
(2) Second, a more refined drawing is made by the artist. The scientist then makes corrections and additions to fine -tune the image.
(3) Then, the full color or final illustration is made by the artist. In this case a watercolor painting made specifically for the “Adopt a Microbe” website for the JR Expedition 327.
(4) Finally, the picture is reproduced and made available for distribution through the web or printed in a publication.
Scientific concepts and technical information are sometimes communicated and understood better through the use of illustrations----A picture is worth a thousand words.



Life aboard the JD

Sounds like you're having a great time. Keep up the good work. Cuz


Love the Microbe Artwork and cooperative effort between science and art!
You are right where you are meant to be! Joyce

fish printing

Dinah, are you going to attempt any gyotaku while you are out there?? -your AU fan


If a flying fish flings itself aboard the ship...I would be glad to immortalize it! We don't catch fish out here. However, I am doing rubbings of the textures of the ship....and I hope to do some rubbings of rock cores. I am going to work some sediment mud into some of my this space! Thanks for asking...Dinah

That's awesome! Thanks Mom!!

That's awesome! Thanks Mom!! :) I am going to share this with my class later on today! XOXO

art and friends

Coral, Would you please ask them to "like" the JR...We are really, really trying to break the record for the number of people who like our facebook page...Thanks ...Mommie

Great Blog Dinah! Jackie

Great Blog Dinah!


Good to see you putting your artistic talents to work. Have a great time. Thinking about you!!!! shirley