updated: Logging vs coring, good bye CORK

 Today we are logging. What is logging and how is it different from coring?

Logging is a term that refers to the string of instruments that is lowered down into and out the bottom of the drill pipe after drilling a hole. The instruments measure characteristics of the hole wall such as density. Coring is a process where the drill bit cuts a 4 inch cylinder out of the rock. The core is then brought to the surface to measure. Here is a picture of a cork and some interpretation. 

In this expedition we are also placing CORKS. What is a CORK?  See if you can find out and write back. I'll acknowledge the first 5 to get it right!! Picture by Bill Crawford

After shift hours we painted the CORK top! 

As I gazed upon these CORKS, I thought about all the years of research and work and waiting that has gone on before to get to this point. Sometime, maybe in the wee hours of tomorrow morning, this will be gently fit to the reentry cone a mile an a half below deck to rest for many many years, maybe forever. It will be my birthday. What a nice birthday event!! My home school will be with you my dear CORK. It is time for us to rest and for you to do what you were made to do. We will visit you next summer CORK 1027C. Do you see the yellow SUA in the picture above? 

Andy, one of our co chief scientist came out to check things out. His shift is over but he'll be back on at midnight to watch it go down. 

The skies might be clear enough to see the  Perseid showers tonight. What are these and why can we see these only at night? Check out the cool pictures on the internet!!


Hi Mrs. Kane!

I decided to go back to the website and take a break from studying for our test tomorrow, but I ended up taking a way longer break than expected! this is all so awesome I just cannot stop looking at different parts of the website and following what you guys are doing! I'm a little behind but I loved our skyping session, It was SO cool! It looks like you are having fun and i cannot wait until you come back to SUA!
- Missy Lankard

Hey Missy!! Glad you are

Hey Missy!! Glad you are enjoying the site. What types of stories would you like to hear about when I get back? I hope you get some good sleep. It is important. Studying is also important. I am glad you are doing it
Mrs. Kane

Hi Mrs Kane,You are a great

Hi Mrs Kane,You are a great teacher because you are such a great listener.... :)

Hi Mike, Thanks!! Such a nice

Hi Mike, Thanks!! Such a nice thing to hear, especially from my son! Thinking of you, mom

Hello Mrs. Kane! I'm so

Hello Mrs. Kane! I'm so disappointed I wasn't at school today and missed the skype conversation with you! How did it go? Were you nervous about it at all? Who asked better questions, the reporters or your students? Looking forward to your return! -Linea Parry

Hi Linea, I'm sorry you

Hi Linea, I'm sorry you missed the video conference. I liked seeing SUA and all the people!! Yes, I was nervous. I am always nervous. But, if I channel it correctly it works for me. I don't remember any reporter questions. The students asked some good ones! Thanks for writing, Mrs. Kane

Hi Mrs. Kane! I'm looking

Hi Mrs. Kane! I'm looking forward to the video blog with you tomorrow! I've been having a great time in honors physics with Mr. Kenney but im looking forward to your return. I was wondering if there was anything you forgot to pack to take with you on the ship that you wish you would have remembered?
Taylor Swint

I wish I had packed

I wish I had packed chocolates. they are a rare commodity and seem to be a good bargaining chip. I lost a little weight so my pants were falling off but I didn't have a belt. Lisa made one for me. People here are really good at making things they don't have. I wonder if Lisa can make chocolates! Thanks for the email, Mrs. Kane

Hey Mrs Kane! tomorrow is the

Hey Mrs Kane! tomorrow is the video conference and I am so excited! I was just working on the homework about the JR! Don't worry I joined the group on Facebook for it, and I am sure in no time there will be 2,000 fans. Where are you going to be talking to us from? Will we be able to see any other areas of the ship during the conference? Everyone her at SUA is so excited for this amazing opportunity, the news is going to be here for the event. You're a celebrity! Can't wait untill your back in class with us (although Mr. Kenney is doing a very good job) and can share all your amazing stories with us.
Nicole Va

Hi Nicole. It was so exciting

Hi Nicole. It was so exciting seeing you all!! It was such a small computer monitor so I couldn't see many of you. I wish I had a picture of all of you there!! Mrs. Kane

Hey Mrs. Kane!! Happy belated

Hey Mrs. Kane!! Happy belated Birthday!! I'm sure it was one of your bests. I'm so excited to be taking your class this year. When I remember the JETS trip, i cant believe it was two years ago!!! What you are doing is so amazing, and I'm kind of wondering, what did you do to prepare for it? It is so unique and out of the ordinary. Is it how you expected it to be going into it? I am really excited to hear all about it during the video conference!!
Madeline Meads

Madeline, this is a real

Madeline, this is a real adventure and I am unbelievable grateful for this opportunity. You have a great start in a science or engineering career. You need to keep being involved in opportunities like the NEDC competition and keep making connections. We can talk when I get back. I don't think I could imagine the growth and understanding I have gained about what real science is and how scientists go about their work. It is more about thinking, trying, retrying, trouble shooting, discussing, and thinking, thinking, thinking than about memorizing and completing worksheets. I hope to incorporate some of this in my classes. See you tomorrow on video, Mrs. Kane

Video Conference!

Hi Mrs Kane!!
It's Katie Savage here! i just wanted to let you know that we are all VERY excited for the video conference tomorrow at school! We all appreciate so much that you are allowing us to be a part of this adventure of yours! We all understand how important this is to you and are all extremely grateful that you are sharing it with us! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

Hi Katie, It is good to hear

Hi Katie,
It is good to hear from you. I am excited to see you all tomorrow too! Did you get tonights homework about the JR? Thanks for writing, Mrs. Kane

Hi Mrs. Kane, i was wondering

Hi Mrs. Kane, i was wondering if there has been anything particulary frustrating that you have had to do while on board the ship? Perhaps trying to weigh something on a moving ship? Kelly Fa

oh yes, the weighing problem.

oh yes, the weighing problem. Have you got that figured out yet? How about another problem. How do they keep tension and compression on the pipe line at the same time?
See you soon. Mrs. Kane


Hey Mrs. Kane! What new and wonderful things have you discovered out at sea to teach your ALTA about when you return? We have ALTA tomorrow and i am quite dreading it due to the fact that you will not be there :'( but i will survive! What is the best thing that you have learned or seen? Have a wonderful trip and I can not wait to hear all about it when you get back!
♥ Elena Ruiz-Krause

Hi Elena, I have so much ALTA

Hi Elena,
I have so much ALTA sharing to do.( ALTA is short for Arrows listening to Arrows. They are small cross-class groups we have at my home school to help us all be good listeners.) It will be hard to fit it in. Our ALTA group might have to go out after school for taco's or meet early for bagels! I have learned so much about the nature of science vs studying science from the scientists and engineers who have graciously shared with me. I have also learned much about myself. Thanks for your note. Take a lead in ATLTA for me, OK?

Happy belated birthday Mrs.

Happy belated birthday Mrs. Kane!
I did a little research on the Pleiades showers but I will admit I am still confused as to what these meteor showers are? What sets these showers apart from other meteor showers? How often do they occur? I love learning about astronomy so I will be anxious to hear back from you! I hope you are still having a great time at sea! See you soon!
Claire Ne

Hi Claire,When the Earth's

Hi Claire,When the Earth's orbit passes through the remains (tiny dust particles) of a comet, the dust particles enter our atmosphere and burn up. We see these as "shooting stars". These shooting stars (showers) occur every mid August. Some other showers occur annually, others more periodic. These are called the Perseus because they seem to be coming from the direction of the constellation of Perseus. Check out: http://science.nasa.gov/science-news/science-at-nasa/2009/31jul_perseids...< Thanks for writing!
Mrs. Kane

Jackie, I am sorry my

I am sorry my birthday wishes are late but I am sure this will be a birthday you will never forget! Although we all miss you we are very excited about Thursday's webcast and about all of the great information you will bring back to the classroom when your return. How fortunate we are to have a teacher with your experience. See you soon!

Ann Martin

Hi Ann, Late wishes are

Hi Ann,
Late wishes are tremendous too!! Thanks for all the support. This is such a rewarding experience, I have grown so much and learned so much. Jackie

happy belated birthday!

Sorry I'm late on the birthday wish! I hope you had a GREAT one. I can't wait to see you in geoscience block 4. Our class is awesome and we all miss you!
See you soon Mrs. Kane.

-Laura McIntyre

Keep the class awesome

Keep the class awesome Laura!! New blog coming up soon! See you Thurs on video! Mrs. Kane

Hi Mrs. Kane! First of all,

Hi Mrs. Kane! First of all, Happy belated birthday!! I hope it was a great day on the JR for you :) my name is Kari Zwayer and I am in geoscience 4th block! I'm really looking forward for you to come back so I can hear about all your journeys and adventures! I can't wait to meet you and have you as a teacher too! I've been following your blog for awhile now but I just found out how to comment haha! Have a great day and I'll be talking to you soon!

Hi Kara, welcome aboard the

Hi Kara, welcome aboard the JR blog site!! Keep writing. See you Thursday!! Mrs. Kane

Hi Mrs. Kane! First of all,

Hi Mrs. Kane!
First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Sorry that I am a few days late, but I am sure you had an unforgettable birthday!! I researched "corks" and I think I figured it out. The cork is a vertical platform that is used to dock the ROV to which retrieves water samples from the formation. Hope you still loving life at sea!!!
-Grace Kenney

Hi Grace, That is a good

Hi Grace, That is a good beginning on what a CORK is. Can you find out why it is important to "cork" the hole before long term hole environmental conditionals are tested? Mrs. Kane

Hi again! Is the importance

Hi again! Is the importance of the cork to prevent circulation between the open hole and ocean bottom water? They are also designed for long-term monitoring of temperature and pressure as well as collecting fluid samples through added tubing and valves. Hope you have another great day!
-Grace Kenney

Hi Grace, yes!! you are

Hi Grace, yes!! you are right. super!! By the way, it takes a long time for the hole to return to pre-drilling conditions even after we "cork" it. I think there are plans to uncork one hole which will cause subsurface warmer water to rise. The pressure is reduced. This will cause surrounding water in the rocks to flow towards the hole and we can study water flow. It is very interesting how all these things are planned. Thanks for writing, Mrs. Kane


I missed your birthday but I'm sure its one you will never forget. I've been following along the AMAZING journey you've been on and its truly a remarkable endeavor. You are such a great ambassador for our young women. Not only in the field of science, but in the field of life - continue to be a role model for our young women. ....its great to see SUA on the cork and our legacy will remain in the ocean floor for years to come!

Can't wait til Thursday - the girls are ready and so is the media. They actually came last week and they had the wrong date! They assured us they will be back this Thursday.

Keep up the great work.

Mrs. Sofo
Principal, SUA

Hi Mrs. Sofo! Thanks for

Hi Mrs. Sofo!
Thanks for writing and for the encouragement. I'm looking forward to Thursday!!

Hi Mrs. Kane! I hope you had

Hi Mrs. Kane!
I hope you had a great birthday. i really enjoy reading your blogs. im happy for you to have this experience and share your travels with me. i have you for geoscience and im excited to learn all about what you are doing there.
Talk to you soon,
Meghan Casey

Hi Casey, Thanks for writing.

Hi Casey,
Thanks for writing. I'll see you in Geoscience pretty soon. Thanks for checking out the JR. Have you played the fossil fun game on the JR site? Mrs. Kane

Hi Mrs Kane! i have you for

Hi Mrs Kane! i have you for physics this year, i enjoy reading your blogs, sounds like your having an awesome time! I hope you had a fantastic birthday:) looking forward to seeing you next semester! stay safe
-Amber Fischer

Hi Amber, thanks for writing!

Hi Amber, thanks for writing! I am glad you are enjoying the blogs and that I can share some of this experience with you. I can't wait to share how much I have learned and what life is like on a drilling ship and what life is like out here for months and what the lives of the people who work here for years is like. Stop by when I get back and introduce yourself,
Mrs. Kane

Happy Birthday! :)

Hey Mrs. Kane-
Wow, I am blown away! You look like you are having a great time out at sea! I remember you talking about the trip last year in class and how excited you were. Finally, it's a dream come true! Do you have any other trips such as this one planned for the future? Also, I heard this month or this past month, we will be able to see Mars or Jupiter with our own eyes in the sky. Have you been able to see any of these planets?
I hope all is going well and that you have a wondeful birthday!
Anne Marie Kelsey

Hi Anne Marie. Good to hear

Hi Anne Marie. Good to hear from you. I had hoped to see more stars out here but, the ship stays lit pretty much around the clock because it is working 27/7. It is often overcast too so, I will probably be seeing more stars in Toledo. I encourage you to check out some websites about the astronomy. There is always something new to see and find out. Thanks for writing, Mrs. Kane

HI Mrs. Kane! First off HAPPY

HI Mrs. Kane!
First off HAPPY BIRTHDAYY! :) Hope you had a great day at sea! Also, I searched the JR sight and I think I found out what a CORK is. The cork rests in a re-entry cone, very much like a 10 ft. wide funnel. The cork itself is a vertical platform that is used to dock the ROV (Remote operated vehicle) which retrieves water samples from the formation. Is this correct? The first couple days of school have been pretty good. We watched a video about your expedition on Friday in Honors Physics! I can't wait to hear more about your time on the ship on the video chat!
Emily Mc

Oh, a video, that was cool.

Oh, a video, that was cool. See you soon on video! Glad class is going well. I think about your class often.
Mrs. Kane


Jackie, I've just spent an hour catching up on your blog. (Happy birthday, by the way!) I'm impressed not only by the number of students who are taking an active interest in your adventure but also by your thoughtful and often insightful responses about the larger issues their questions sometimes embrace. You must be an extraordinary teacher, and I envy the young girls who are lucky enough to discover the excitement of science because they see it through your eyes. Well done, Jackie. I know you will enjoy your final weeks on board. Arlene and Gayle and I are doing our best to keep John company via e-mails, but I know he looks eagerly forward to your return! Best wishes.
Karen L.

Hi Karen, thank you for your

Hi Karen, thank you for your kind comments. It is fun to respond to student questions, especially when there is time and quietness to think about them. And, oh dear, final weeks, -makes me not want to sleep at all except the bed is comfortable and the gentle sounds of the waves against the hull and the gentle swaying of the bed with the swells and rolls of the ship is very soothing. Thanks for keeping John company via e-mails. I look forward to seeing him too!! Thanks for following my blogs,

Mrs. Kane I loved the yellow

Mrs. Kane I loved the yellow SUA on the cork! how thoughtful! We miss you! Have a great birthday!!!
-Liz Garrison

Hi Liz!!! How is school

Hi Liz!!! How is school going? Stop by when I get back. I will smile and think of SUA when it goes into the deep blue sea sometime this morning. -there were problems that were overcome. It is amazing how they tackle problems here. See you soon, Mrs. Kane

Hi mrs. Kane it's Isabelle

Hi mrs. Kane it's Isabelle Lishewski!! I just started reading your blog and I can't wait to hear all about it once you get back! We miss you in Geoscience and hope you have a great brithday!!!

Hi Isabelle, So glad to have

Hi Isabelle, So glad to have you in Geoscience. Last time I was in class with you, I was subbing for Gym in 9th grade. Thanks for reading the blogs. Check out the other parts of the website too,
Mrs. Kane


It looks like you are having such a fun time, but SUA can't wait till you get back!!!! St. Ursula is not the same without you. I hope that everything is going great and that you have an awesome birthday at sea. See you when you get back!
Happy Birthday and our prayers are with you!!!

Hi Angel, Thanks for the

Hi Angel, Thanks for the comment, wishes and prayers. Everything is going well. We sent off a CORK today. This is a milestone in our journey!!
Mrs. Kane

mrs kane

Hi mrs kane this is haley from geo and physics ! Hope you are having fun out there on the ship. I bet your birthday was fun and hope it was the best birthday yet! I miss being in your class. Wish I had you for my senior year. Keep safe and ill be sure to visit your class when yoou return. =)
Best wishes,
Haley Wuellner

hi mrs kane

Heyy Mrs.Kane I miss you so much! I hope your having a great birthday and a great time on the ship! Can't wait to see you when you get back!
Julie Muneio