Mission and Contact Information

Deep Earth Academy

Deep Earth Academy’s mission is to raise awareness about ocean drilling science and its central role in our understanding of the Earth’s past, present and future, teach science content and process, and inspire careers in science, technology, engineering and math. Our approach includes use of authentic data, inquiry-centered activities and interdisciplinary explorations drawing from the adventures of the JOIDES Resolution ship and the earlier ocean drilling ship; the Glomar Challenger.

Deep Earth Academy is part of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program at the Consortium for Ocean Leadership.

                                       Deep Earth Academy
                                       Consortium for Ocean Leadership
                                       1201 New York Avenue, NW, Fourth Floor
                                       Washington, DC 20005

                                       Staff contacts

                                       Sharon Cooper: Deep Earth Academy Assistant Director: scooper@oceanleadership.org

                                       Jennifer Collins: Education Specialist: jcollins@oceanleadership.org

                                       For press inquiries, please contact Matt Wright at: mwright@oceanleadership.org

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