Welcome to The JR!

Hi friends! I’m so excited for our upcoming journeys with the JR! I sailed on the first School of Rock expedition in November 2005 with a group of talented and engaged educators. When I first saw the JR sitting at the dock in Victoria, BC, I had only a vague idea of what it did and why it was important to modern scientific research. But over the next 10 days, I learned so much about geology, paleo-oceanography, our planet’s history and how the JR helps to uncover evidence about that history. I also learned what an amazing ship the JR is! The people on board with us were so friendly and eager to help explain things to us novices that we felt welcome at every turn – from the captain to the engine room, from the drillers to the kitchen, the laundry, and the ship’s doctor. It was all so interesting. When I got off that ship in Acapulco, Mexico, I had a distinct feeling that I was not done with the JR. And now I work for it!

I look forward to seeing everyone’s questions and comments about the ship and its adventures!



Sharon - I LOVE the new site and all the great information. I can't wait to show my students tomorrow! The JR looks wonderful - and I hope all goes well! My student blog next week will be all about this trip! Hopefully they will have some great questions for you! (http://www.fechhelmscience.blogspot.com<)

Jan Fechhelm