The famous 1256D Panama hat

Here's Damon Teagle, co-chief of Expedition 335. He was also co-chief of ODP Leg 206, and IODP Expedition 309, two of the three previous cruises at site 1256. Damon and Doug Wilson (also co-chief of ODP Leg 206, and lead proponent of the original proposal) are the two scientists who have participated to all cruises at site 1256.

This hat was bought by Damon during the portcall in Panama just before ODP Leg 206 in November 2002, and has since then spent many months at sea.


nice hat, but what about the T-shirt?

Prof Teagle may have spent a lot of time drilling in the sunny Pacific at Site 1256, but he seems to be wearing an Australian National Antarctic Research Expedition T-shirt - does he have split loyalties?

The Hat

We liked your hat. We are a seventh grade science class. Why did your friend buy this hat for you? Where can we get one? I'm bored of my seven foot sombrero. We have a very annoying girl in our class called Sherm the Worm. Myrtle (a turtle) says, "hi!" Jessica says the sombrero is actually 143 centimeters. We were curious what the temperature is at the bottom of the borehole. Will the drill melt? Have fun!

The Seventh Grade Science Class
Phoenix Country Day School

P.S. We love your face!!!! :)

Panama's hat

Hi everybody on Site 1256! I like this hat, but simply I just want to say hello to everybody ...I follow your operations on the iodp web site and wish all the best. Have also nice barbeque time...

Paola Tartarotti (Pao)