Ratatouille, and Burgers, and Flan, Oh My!

All hail the Camp Boss – and all his talented crew who keep everyone on board fed so well from morning to night! On this ship, everyone works 12 hour shifts, 7 days a week. From drillers working out in the hot sun to the technicians and scientists laboring away in the labs, we all need lots of fuel to keep us going. And thank goodness Camp Boss Alex Trota Da Silva and his staff work such magic for us every day in the kitchen.

I love ratatouille, but don't always have the time to make it at home. So imagine my happy surprise when it was served on one of our first days at sea. Yum. Talk about good beginnings!
Then on Sunday, the catering staff outdid themselves with a gorgeous spread for Easter Sunday lunch. From a long table full of salads, cornbread, and fresh cut vegetables – to great big burgers, chicken, and pork, hot off the BBQ grill.
And a desert tray to die for!
A strawberries and cream cake, a hazelnut cake, and flan. And best of all for a chocolate lover like me, two chocolate cakes that looked so tempting, I had to sample them both. Though they were both scrumptious, I think I have to say the round cake with the dark chocolate frosting was my favorite.

Much too soon, the lunch hour ended and we all headed back to work – or to sleep, depending on which shift we're on. But we all got an extra boost for the day, thanks to Alex and his crew.



who is the best cook on the ship?! who is the worst?! do you all have chores to do to keep the ship clean? it all looks delicious!


All the cooks are really good. : )

We don't have to do chores to keep the ship clean, because Alex our Camp Boss also has people who work for him who come and clean our rooms and make our beds everyday. They even do our laundry for us! All you have to do is leave your dirty laundry in an orange bag outside your stateroom (the room where you sleep) and by the time you come back from your 12-hour work shift, clean laundry's waiting for you, folded up nice and neat in your orange bag. (That's one of my favorite things about being on the ship!)

Yummy Brunch!

What was your favorite thing at the brunch? Do they usually
make that good looking and probally tasting food? Do they
suprise you often on holidays? Do they sail with you guys
on every voyage? -hearts