We've Hit Rock Bottom Now!

At approximately 9am this morning, for the first time during this expedition, our drillers reached 1507.1 meters below the seafloor (mbsf) in Hole 1256D. 

In December of 2005, Expedition 312 successfully deepened this hard rock hole to 1507.1 mbsf, and ours is the first expedition to return to this site since that time.  Now that we have successfully returned to the maximum depth achieved during 312, we can begin preparing to deepen Hole 1256D further -- and to take new core!


I was wondering...

Congratulations on hitting rock bottom! We are learning about the different types of rock and seafloor spreading at school, so was wondering what type of rock you are drilling into. Do you think you might reach any metamorphic rock? However, since you are drilling into ocean crust, I suppose it is probably just gabbro with a thin layer of basalt. Is there metamorphic rock under that, though, closer to the earth's core? Thanks for taking the time to read my quesitons and good luck in this expedition!



What type of rock have you hit and how long did it take you to hit it? - the botts(:

Are you excited to find STUFF?!?:)

Hi, are you excited to find what your looking for?!? It must be a long grueling experience, and it must take a lot of patience!(i don't have any;)!) what crust are you drilling in? I also have a problem I don't have cool nick-name like my classmates!!:( Do you have any ideas for our awesome teacher?!? Please Reply!:) Thanks -Iya

What are you looking for?

What are you hoping to find once you have stopped drilling? -Abe

Hi, I have been learning

Hi, I have been learning about your mission and think it's extremely interesting. We are so educated about this subject because of our amazing teacher. He knows so much but is always trying to learn more. It would be wonderful if you could reply to this stating more sophisticated information for our amazing teacher Mr. Cook. It would be greatly appreciated.


In order to further my

In order to further my knowledge of plate tectonics for the well being of my science teacher and of course to increase my knowledge further in general, I would like to ask a few questions and if you could find time to respond that would be awesome. First of all congratulations on hitting "rock bottom!" Obviously taking samples of rock from within the earth is extremely important in the study of the ocean floor, however I was wondering if it had anything to do with studies involving sea floor spreading and if so what it could teach us. Also was there any training that you needed to go through before boarding the Joides Resoultion in order to ensure the safety of the ship and it's passengers. Lastly which part of the earth are you taking rock samples from, I would assume it's the Lithosphere, however with my limited knowledge on the subject I'm not quite sure. Thank You and happy drilling
-Jillian (Wavy)


What types of rocks have you hit yet while drilling? - the botts

Have you gotten to any

Have you gotten to any samples of Gabbro yet? If so what does it look like and how does it feel?-Bain

My science name is Gabbro and

My science name is Gabbro and I was wondering if you have reached the gabbro yet and if so, is it different than the gabbro we see and feel in science class?

That's very exciting -

That's very exciting - congrats and happy drilling new rock!!