Another couple of days before we start coring

Please forgive the somehow outrageous processing of this photo; it probably reflects our more colorful perception of everything since we went down to the bottom of the hole (1507.1 meters below seafloor) yesterday morning at about 9 am. Smiling faces are back in the labs; everybody is ready.

Once again, nothing would be possible out here without the experience and skills of our drillers and their teammates on the rig floor and in the derrick. Their persistent efforts over the last two weeks to clean this hole simply made our dreams come within reach. Tripping 5 km of drilling pipe up and down is not an easy game. We will soon watch the 8th reentry on the shipboard TV screens since April 19. Respect!

We will now cement the cavities in the zone 950 meters below seafloor to protect the hole. We will then POOH again (I like this acronym; you must guess what it stands for …), and reenter with a coring bit. If everything goes fine, the first core on deck should be announced by the driller in a couple of days.


drilling process

what does pooh mean and how long until you have drilled through the crust-BERNARD


Do you guys get the rock from under the Earth and make slabs or just research it? \


are these missions dangerous when drilling.
idk baby tony

In which ocean are you

In which ocean are you drilling? And what does POOH stand for? -GW

Exactly how far are you going

Exactly how far are you going to drill into the earth? (meters) -Abe

How far are you planning to

How far are you planning to go? What happens if you go too far?!? Congrats on your mission:) -Iya A.


What kind of crust is this? Continental or Oceanic? How many miles are you from sea level?


What kind of crust are you drilling into? Is it subduction? compression? -HOTDOG

How Far RU going to drill(:?

How far do you plan to drill into the crust? Will you drill into periodite, and if so, is it sharp like the needles in my head(:?

how hot does the tempatures

how hot does the tempatures change as you get closer and closer to the earth? How far can you drill down without hitting liquid?

What will happen to your

What will happen to your machinery if you drill into lava?!?!?:( please reply i'm interested:) thanks:) -Iya

you mean oceanic or

you mean oceanic or continental?