First core on deck!

After 16 days of perseverance, we got our first core on deck this morning at about 8:30 am. These two weeks of reaming, cleaning, cementing, and reaming and cleaning again have been long, and sometimes a bit stressful. I can see a lot of smiling faces around; it looks like we will now eventually be able to deepen Hole 1256D. This first core was short, the recovery was only 7%, but that is a good start, and we are waiting for more now. Everybody in the lab is ready to describe and measure!


Oh, wow...

Congratulations on getting your first core on deck! What I am confused about though, is what exactly IS this core? I am assuming that it is rock, but what type? Is it really part of the earth's core? If so, how did you manage to get it?? Also, is it igneous, sedimentary, or metamorphic? What did you mean by "this first core was short, the recovery was only 7%, but that is a good start"? Thanks and again, congratulations!


What information does the

What information does the core give you and could it make a big difference as time goes on? I was wondering do you guys eat any curry on the ship?
-Curry man


Yes, we eat curry on the ship. In fact, the catering staff served us chicken curry for lunch today! Along with rice, onion pakoda (fried onions), dhal (mashed up beans...lentils, I think), papadum (kind of like a really thin crunchy fried tortilla) and paratha (sort of a thick, soft, almost see-through tortilla). Some days they also serve a really good lamb curry. Yummm.



my name is Preppy. (says my teacher) I was wondering how deep you guys dig into the crust. Also I was wondering what you mean by having your first core on deck. Also, I was wondering what would happen if your drill got stuck! Would you try to get it out?


ps- hi Mr. Cook!!! :)

the core

howe did you get the core up from the bottom of the your drill, also what info do these cores give your research team-BERNARD

what to look for?

What specific thing are you looking for and how lond does it take for the drill to get down to the rock.

baby tony (p.s Mr.Cook also did the stair well thing and about the stair case, but i didn't put a name)

how deep?!

hi! i was wondering how far deep you guys got on your first core! thanks so much!


hi! so you guys got your first core! congrats! what info did u get?!