Seeing Things in a New Light

Bill Crawford, our imaging specialist, has a knack for seeing things in a new light. Not long ago, he went on a special "field trip" around the ship taking pictures of everyday items that most of us pass every day in our regular comings and goings – but somehow manage not to really see at all.

Using a special color saturation process, Bill produced a series of photos that give us a fresh window into the world of the JOIDES Resolution.

With Bill's help, we might just start to notice our surroundings a bit more now…




Bill, the world is a better place when you give us "new eyes" to not just see but also observe and make note of what we usually take for granted! Thanks! Pat

beautiful Bill! -Jackie

beautiful Bill! -Jackie

photo fun

Beautiful :) This is a different process than gum dichromate printing, but some of the effects remind me of the gum prints we made in college using enlarged negatives. Is it only the color saturation manipulated in these images? Can you tell us a little more about the process used to make them?