Who am I and why am I here?

Let me introduce myself. My name is Jennifer Magnusson and I will be your onboard education officer for Expedition 336: Mid-Atlantic Ridge Microbiology. (Sounds kind of like a job on “The Love Boat,” doesn’t it?) I am excited to share my experiences during this expedition, and I hope that you’ll follow along from your classroom, lab, or armchair. Here’s the story of how I got here:

I am a marine biologist. I studied field ecology in Baja California with my undergraduate university, Loyola Marymount in Los Angeles, where I grew up. Then, I moved to Alaska and studied deep-sea and intertidal ecology at the University of Alaska in Fairbanks. Coincidentally, the cruise I participated in for my thesis research was also in the mid-Atlantic ocean (Lucky Strike Exploration with ROV JASON onboard the R/V Knorr, 1996). I discovered that I enjoy field work a lot more than lab work.

I am a graphic designer. I worked for a few years at an advertising agency in LA and learned a lot about presentations and graphics and web development. I am now the Webmaster for two different marine education websites, MBARI’s EARTH teacher program<, and NAME: Northwest Aquatic and Marine Educators<. I love learning about and using technology to make the world a brighter, more connected place!

I am a teacher. I have taught everything from Montessori preschool to college oceanography onboard a schooner in the Caribbean. I finally settled in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, where I taught elementary school for 5 years in Bellingham, Washington. I am always amazed at the enthusiasm students bring to the classroom, and I am always looking for new and different ways to inspire them. I now live in Canada with my husband and son, David, who just turned four.

I am thrilled to be back in the field, ready to share some amazing science and technology with classrooms, labs, clubs and other audiences across the country!



I think your job position n

I think your job position n is really neat and interesting! I'm excited to follow and learn all of the new things discovered on board.
-Annie E

Thanks, Annie!

I hope you learn something interesting during our expedition!


Hi Jennifer, some of my students comments do not seem to be getting through ... are you looking for responses only to the most recent posts? thanks Julie K

sorry about that!

hi julie, i have to admit, i am behind in my processing of comments. but i have now posted all the comments i have received. if you don't see your students' comments up yet, please have them re-submit them, because i'd love to answer their questions!

Birds of a feather?

Hi, I'm Luke. I'm ten years old and I'm going to follow the expedition. Previously, I've done the adopt a microbe project and received third place the the elementary J/aRt contest. I'm interested in computer programs like Photoshop and Blender. I was wondering if, being a teacher and web master, you would know where I could find some information about those programs? Deep Sea Marine Biology is another interest of mine. Could you tell me about a deep sea creature called a Praya Dubia?
Good luck on the expedition!

Welcome, Luke!

I'm so glad you're following along with this expedition, and I hope you learn something interesting along the way! Congratulations on your 3rd place finish in the J/aRt contest. I will look to see if I can find your art on the website. As for Photoshop and Blender, I learned a lot just by practicing with the programs on my own images. I like to take pictures, so I edit them in Photoshop before I post them on the web. There are also short classes you can take at your local school or community college that might help teach you what you would like to know. I have been on a ship studying hydrothermal vents, but I have never seen a Praya dubia. The work that I've done is all at the bottom, though, and Praya dubia hangs out in the water column, so I may have missed it on the way down! I have been on a few cruises with the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute...they are the ones who did a lot of studies of Praya dubia.

welcome & thank you!

Thank you for taking this time to join the Resolution family. I am a teacher of K-8 science (did Skype last year with the Resolution...new students are asking if we can again do something)!

In the 70s I was on the Glomar Challenger as assistant curator and micropaleo tech. I remember the excitement of travel and going to sea. I was lucky to do prior to children but had friends juggle family obligations. It goes so fast but is SO worth it!

Good Luck...hope to make connections while you are at sea!

Pat Paluso (Patty)

thanks, patty!


thanks for sharing. some of our engineers and tech crew have been involved since the 70s, too! it's amazing to see the changes in the program over time. we still have a couple of days available during this expedition, if you'd like to skype with the Resolution again! just fill out the request form, linked from the expedition page.


excited to follow

Hello, Jennifer.

All the best on the cruise. We'll be following from western NY (ninth grade Earth science class will be, that is!).

- Heather Renyck
SOR - 2009

hello to western NY 9th graders!

I hope you all find something interesting on our cruise pages!