Busy, Busy, Busy!

When we left port, there was sort of a “hurry up and wait” atmosphere about the ship. This expedition has been many months—years, really—in the making, so once everyone was finally onboard they were ready to get working! Unfortunately, there was a four-day transit to the study site to ride out before the real operations would get underway.

We arrive onsite tonight, though, so everyone is now busily preparing things for our first operation: removing the CORK borehole observatory that’s already installed at Site 395A. What does that mean…what is everybody actually doing? Everyone has a different job to do to make sure that we’re ready to go once we get there. These jobs include testing and calibrating the lab equipment, assembling the sampling equipment, sterilizing and organizing the sample collection and storage containers, and reviewing the procedures.

Watch the video to get an idea of the variety of things people are doing to prepare for tonight, and for the rest of the expedition.



Were you nervous to go on

Were you nervous to go on this boat? Does being busy all the time get annoying to you or do you like it?
-Annie E

Hi Annie!

I was a little bit nervous...I talked about that in the answer to Sarah, below. As for being busy, I would rather be busy than not have anything to do. We have to work 12 hours a day, everyday, and that can seem like a long time when nothing interesting is going on. But when you're busy all the time, your shift just flies by because of all the cool stuff you're doing and things you're learning!


What were your feelings when you left? Were you nervous or sad? or were you excited?

-Sarah K.

Hi, Sarah!

I was hired to come on this expedition more than a year ago, so I have watched many other JOIDES Resolution expeditions come and go. I have been waiting patiently for my turn, and I was really excited when the time came to go to Barbados and get on the ship! I was sad to leave my family behind at home, but I knew that I would be meeting some really incredible people and learning some cool science, so I was ready to get underway. I was a little bit nervous because everyone knew so much more about the science behind the expedition than I did, and I was worried I wouldn't be able to figure everything out or keep up in the discussions. But now, I can talk about CORKs and downhole logging as easily as the rest of them, so it's really fun!