Underway Geophysics Lab

PhD ETH Zurich
Micro paleontology, sedimentology and fossil fuels
IODP Experience: 
I started working full-time for IODP in June 2011. This is my 4th expedition. I introduce the scientists to our descriptive core program, trouble shoot software problems, take care of microscopes and paleo prep area, as well as Core handling on the catwalk.
Life Experience: 
During my PhD (2009) I participated as a nannoplankton specialist in an IODP expedition. The atmosphere on the JR made me want to come back and be part of the team. Working in a team with colleagues from all over the world is a top experience.
Paleontology, sedimentology, reading, sports, traveling
Favorite Expedition Memory: 
During the last expeditions I saw turtles, flying fish, mahi mahi, a moonfish, dolphins and whales