Expedition 339 Family and Friends Photos - Week 5 and 6

The photos on this site< have been contributed by expedition participants and are intended to give you an idea of daily activities aboard the research drillship JOIDES Resolution during the Expedition 339.

As fotos disponíveis neste site< resultam do contributo dos participantes na expedição e têm como objectivo dar-vos uma ideia das actividades realizadas diariamente a bordo do navio de investigação e perfuração científica JOIDES Resolution durante a Expedição 339.



Happy New Year

Hi Expedition 339
From someone who has been in a JR mission also including Thanksgiving, Christmas and the Millenium birth (2000 to 2001) I wish you all a super 2012. If you are a bit like me, you shall never forget the beginning of 2012, as a unique moment of your lives.
Fernando Barriga
Portuguese Geologist