53 minutes and counting...

51 minutes and counting now, the science party, technicians, crew and staff are now aboard after lunches and last minute shopping. One or two important shoreside personnel are disembarking down the gangaway and the computer lab is full of people writing home.  The excitement is building; the weather is sunny, windy and warm.  Conditions are clear and bright for pictures and video.  What a splendid day for our departure from Honolulu Pier 29.  We're headed for the paleo Equatorial Pacific where we're prepared to core fossil ooze and sediment and work out the stories of Earth's past climate.  Come join the fun, photos, video and updates about our 60 day expedition.

Time to smear on some sunscreen and get out on deck!




Molly and I are very excited for you. Have a wonderful time. We can feel your excitement through your blogs. Will keep checking daily. Sun is shining in Columbia,MD.

Leaving Honolulu on the JOIDES RESOLUTION

Hi Leslie - You and your team are doing a terrific job out there and provide a very important service to the general public by communicating effectively science and showcasing international leadership qualities of this amazing program!

I am very proud that I had a chance to join this expedition as a Marine Lab Specialist - literally - on the last second.

In Service and Sincerely Yours ~ Thomas Gorgas, Ph.D.
Video Producer & Marine Non-Profit Org's Ambassador

how exciting!

I can almost feel the excitement from here in DC! Wish I could be there to see the ship sail away from port. :)

51 minutes and counting

Thanks -- we'll get photos up this morning -- morning for us anyway! And for all my friends and colleagues in D.C., yes I really did make it to work by 6:30 a.m. today. Really -- I did it.