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How Science Works – Discovering Life Below the Sea Floor<  
Science is a dynamic, non-linear, creative, and collaborative process that takes researchers on unique journeys of discovery.  This poster highlights the pathway one microbiologist and her colleagues follow to unravel the mystery of what is living in the rocks and sediments that make up the ocean floor.               
JOIDES Resolution Mini-poster<  
This mini-poster showcases the JR on the front, and background information about scientific drilling and activities for following the ship on the web site on the back. It is appropriate for all ages.                 
Legacy of Scientific Ocean Drilling/new JR Photomosaic<  
In this exciting new poster, teachers and students can learn about the history of scientific ocean drilling and the kinds of exciting discoveries that ocean drilling scientists have made over the past 40 years. On the reverse side, our new photo mosaic features an intriguing image of the new JOIDES Resolution and the website where all can follow along on its new adventures when it takes back to the seas in 2009.



Our award-winning poster: Sea 90E<  
Sea90E  – written for middle and high school students – introduces what a site survey cruise is, what it does, and the kinds of information scientists gain from it. Showcasing the expedition of JOI Learning‘s 2007 Teacher at Sea, Rory Wilson, this poster shows the ship’s track, 3D bathymetry plots from the survey, and images from the ship’s dredging operations. This poster won a Distinguished Achievement Award from the Association of Educational Publishers in 2008.                  
The “Hole” Story About Ocean Cores<  
Developed by Romulus, New York teacher Alan Gelatt during his Teacher at Sea experience, the poster includes a comprehensive fact sheet about ocean cores plus five laboratory activities: visual core description, core curation, drilling rates, ocean crust density, and mineralogy and petrology. These activities were designed specifically for high school and undergraduate courses, but the engaging and colorful nature of the poster make it suitable for younger groups.                          
Microfossils: the ocean’s storytellers<  
This poster shows several different images of microfossils, taken through microscopes. The microfossils were found in cores recovered by the scientific ocean drilling vessel, JOIDES Resolution. When a core is brought up on deck, scientists look at these slides to identify the microfossils found in cores and determine the age of the sediment, as well as something about Earth’s past climate. The activities on the back of the Microfossils poster simulate the identification and use of these microfossils to examine past climate change and Earth history.                  
Searching for the Intra-Terrestrials Microbiology beneath the Seafloor<  
The artwork on this poster depicts research on microbe diversity in the deep biosphere. The activity on the back utilizes Lego blocks to model a method microbiologists use, called Fluorescence In-Situ Hybridization (FISH), to “tag,” identify, and study microbial diversity deep below the sea floor



A Bolt from the Blue<  

This is a poster about methane hydrates that illustrates the chemical formation of gas-bearing ice-like structures deep below the world’s oceans. Inspired by IODP research expeditions dedicated to methane hydrates, A Bolt from the Blue outlines the structure and sources of methane hydrates, introducing fundamentals for advanced chemistry and/or Earth system science courses. Utilizing the images and captions on the front of the poster, educators may easily transition to various classroom activities provided on the back.

Note: Out of print, but still available in PDF format for download.

Blast from the Past<  

This poster illustrates an “Earth shattering” event in our planet’s history. Through illustrations and descriptions of the evidence retrieved from a core, the poster presents classroom activities that link ocean drilling science with historical events in the Earth’s past. Unveiling the history with their own hands, students experience aspects of ocean drilling science at an intermediate level.

Note: Out of print, but still available in PDF format for download.




Blast from the Past  
The image on this pencil is of the Cretaceous/Tertiary core that documents the meteorite impact that took place 65 million years ago.



Blast from the Past Sticker Book  
Use these stickers to re-create the story told in this famous core sample pulled up from the seafloor by the JOIDES Resolution. The layers in this core tell us a lot about how the world changed suddenly 65 million years ago – and explains the fate of the dinosaurs (and many other plants and animals living at that time)!        
Lab Book: Core Description Card<  
Take a page out of the Cretaceous Tertiary Lab book  with an image of the KT core (171b) taken near the Florida coast that holds evidence for the meteorite impact that contributed to a mass extinction event 65 million years ago. Students can use the card to make their own observations, and inferences, and keep notes about the clues each layer holds.                  
JOIDES Resolution Papercraft Model<  
The JR goes origami! Fold your own paper model of the ship, complete with helicopter.