Running to the seafloor

... I'm running almost as fast as the corer does on its trip down and back up the drill string.

One of the few recreational options of The JR is a fairly well equipped small gym on the upper 'tween deck -- now fortunately with air conditioning since the refit.  I decided while I was changing so many other habits to adapt to living aboard I might as well get back into a regular exercise regimen.  My resolve was only strengthened when I discovered that the food served in the galley is quite good and often served in large helpings.  

At home I like to go running with my dog and on the ship there is a big TV in front of the treadmill in the gym.  I was a little out of shape to start but after a few visits I worked my way back up to ~45 minute runs.  A tricky bit I discovered was that I have to slow down a little to make sure I don't get thrown off as the ship rolls underneath me mid stride.  

As we prepared for the first site, in ~5300 m water depth, I noticed that if I pushed a little further I'd be running the equivalent distance as to the seafloor and back.  So for most of the expedition so far I've been running 6.4 miles nearly every other day.  It takes me about an hour, so averaged out I'm running almost as fast as the corer does on its trip down and back up the drill string.  Though, I'm not carrying >100 lbs of core with me for the second half.






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Photo:  Brandon running in The JR's gym.  Credit:  Leslie Peart, Deep Earth Academy / IODP Education Director.


I doubt it would be quite

I doubt it would be quite that easy to run there and back with all that water in your way.
Also, the TV would be a little difficult to work with 5300 meters down. You'd probably only get Telemundo.

You know, of course, the

You know, of course, the only term us Okies understand is 'core samples.' Everything else is quite exotic to your old grandmother, but I love hearing about it and marvel at being able to hear and see you so clearly on my Mac. With much love, CHB

Brandon's journey

Inspiring! Good to see your hair is growing in a bit, too!
Love from B's biggest fan...his mom.